Podcast: Things You Should Say or Do After Sex

Podcast: Things You Should Say or Do After Sex

Even married couples find it difficult to start a conversation after sex. They wonder what the right thing to say is. Do not worry, I am here to help all ye married and unmarried couples.

On today’s podcast, I am sharing those things you should say or do after sex. If you need more clarification, please send a mail or use the comment box *wink*

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  1. I am still a virgin but i know when i am ready i will most definitely choose the right words. Sex is a gift from God. Finding what to say afterwards should come as divine insight…

  2. Key sentences …1: ur boobs turn u on (mogbe!!! Abeg no forget say na ur own oh)..2:biko about meaning wot u say n saying wot u mean (that one na institutional affairs oh)3: abt leaving d bed at d end of sex,(making love imo) it’s expected cuz u guys might need to remove or input something or excrete/discard something thus d need to really leave the bed ..4:Elsie nwa e get pipu way sabi kill joy on top d beta nak dem just do oh from wetin go comot from dia pit of a mouth …5: Nne well done inugo *hugs Forgive my grammar higahaga un-uniformity oh…On a personal level (one of my moves) I express none verbal gestures *winksSpiritMan Speaks …

  3. I don’t think you always need to say something. A good smile, hug and cuddle is always good.

  4. The most important thing is the body and facial language. Words may not be necessary

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