#PitchCH – Over 5 Million Naira To Be Disbursed to Small Business Owners this Sunday

On the 24th of January 2021, a group of amazing young men and women ‘accidentally’ found themselves in a room on Clubhouse app (Drop-in audio chat – a new type of social networking app where people come together to talk, listen and learn), getting to know how the app works and this divine connection birthed a life changing initiative and platform currently being organized by Japhet J. Omojuwa, set to empower small businesses to the tune of N5 million.

Japhet J. Omojuwa

Nigerian entrepreneur and founder/CEO of  Krystal Digital, Temitope Ogunsemo, ‘accidentally’ started a room on clubhouse and via notifications enabled by the app harnessing phone contacts (with permission of course), his friends and acquaintances started joining the room. The room progressed with Amin Ameen – Founder of Everything Na Art, giving a quick tutorial on clubhouse’s functions, features and how to maximize the platform. It soon became a networking room where everyone introduced themselves and made meaningful connections. The room was soon filled with CEOs, Innovators, Investors, Entrepreneur, Media Personalities, Influencers, Tech enthusiast, Small Business owners, content creators and Creatives. You know what they say about like-minded people and being inspired by them? It played out right before my eyes (and ears) in that room as an idea came up to make the networking bit a regular affair on clubhouse.

Temitope Ogunsemo

There has always been networking on clubhouse. Heck there is networking going on everywhere but this one is different. You are probably reading this post because you saw 5 million Naira will be disbursed this Sunday to small business owners, but that’s the least on going gain in the room. Successful industry giants have offered to mentor and guide budding entrepreneurs, Investors are investing in businesses they find valuable, People are getting Scholarship and immigration guidance and advise, getting internship placement in multinationals, conversations are ongoing to help tech startups with seed funding, free influencer marketing visibility, etc. The question is; what do you want? Just being in the room opens your mind to a world of possibilities.

#PitchCH is currently in its Preliminary stages. Small business owners are pitching their businesses with hope to qualify for these grants.  What we are experiencing at the moment is one of its kinds and this initiative has organically grown to attracting donations of 5million Naira made available to be disbursed on the 7th of February. With over 100 pitches made and more to go before the finale, I am excited about this initiative and the potentials within for young Nigerians and Africans

Who is Eligible for #PitchCH Fund?

Small business owners – As long as you are on clubhouse and can give a good pitch, you could be getting some from the N5million grant. Just be on clubhouse today and join the room at 7pm.

How to find PitchCH Room on Clubhouse

The best way to find the room will be following all or some of the moderators on clubhouse, that way you get notified when the room starts. Below are few of the moderators that are sure to be live at 7pm on the 1st of Febraury 2021;

Japhet J. Omojuwa – @omojuwa

Egbe Omorodion – @bodie154

Sally Suleiman – @is_salsu     

Elsie Godwin – @elsieisy

Wale Adetona – @islimfit

PitchCH is in partnership with RadioNow to promote businesses that will get grants this Sunday. Japhet Omojuwa passionately believes that this initiative will be continuous as the aim is to create safe space for growth and networking among business minded individuals, providing funding for small business owners, mentorship, partnerships and collaborations on small, medium and large scale. He is connecting people who needs connection to his healthy connection.

For donations and inquiries please direct your emails to jj@omojuwa.com

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