Oral Sex & Marriage


By El Ifelola

This post is not meant for you if you are Holier than the Holy Spirit. Just exit this blog now…

I give what’s Caesar’s to Caesar and what’s God’s to God. You don’t expect me to start speaking in tongue when my wife wants us to make love. No! I get horny instead!!!

For the ones who wanna learn, please, get on the train

I wish I could release my Facebook E-mail and password and let you stream my inbox to view crazy messages from couples about their sex lives. You need to see how sex breaks homes. Little things that could have been learnt by the husband or wife, breaks their home. Let me give us Examples.

  1. “Ifelola, my wife’s ass is too big, I love the doggy style but my penis can hardly reach her vagina from the rear, we fight over this”

What’s the solution to this? The wife only needs to bend her waist down, spread her legs apart a little for space between her thick thighs (laps)

  1. “Sir, my husband wants me to get my boobs oiled before sex he says it excites him, but am allergic to the smell from that oil”

Solution – go shopping and buy oils with no smells. There are lots of non-scented oils in stores. You can even order one online.

  1. “I cannot swallow my husband’s cum, it’s bitter. He agreed to wear a condom before I blow him. But the rubber chocks me in the throat”.

Solution – your husband should watch what he eats, you are what you eat, a man’s diet determines the taste of his cum.

People, the number is endless. Little sex issues that tears homes. The biggest of them is this Oral sex thing.

Oral sex- the word “Oral” has to do with anything that has to do with the mouth e.g Oral English,

Oral sex in turn has to do with the stimulation of the sex organ with the mouth, lips and tongue for the purpose of pleasure.

Most women complain of having pains during sex. This is due to no foreplay. Proper exploration of her body and genitals with the mouth and finger tips will make her wet for your penetration and she won’t even feel any pain. The vagina is the most elastic organ you can imagine, so even if “you” are as large as a pestle’s head as long her she is well stimulated and lubricated, she’ll contain “you”.

God, Spirituality and Oral sex:************************

He said “go, be fruitful and multiply”

“And Adam knew (had sex) Eve, his wife and…”

In other words, “go, have sex, get pregnant (fruitful) and make babies (multiply). He didn’t say (go, have sex, thou shalt not use the mouth you use to praise me on your partners organ, I am God”.

He told us to go and have sex, if you like do the vagina sex, oral sex, anal sex and whatever!!! BUT as long as you are MARRIED, he doesn’t care, if you like, you can install a stripper’s pole in your bedroom for your wife to tease you. He doesn’t care. Just “go, get married, have sex, be fruitful, and multiply!!!!

If you say Oral sex is a sin, then KISSING is a sin as well because it is done with the mouth. “Jacob kissed Rachael in the Bible”. Solomon won’t stop talking about his lover’s sugar lips in his songs. As a matter of fact, Judas kissed Jesus. We weren’t told if it was on his lips, cheeks, forehead, or jaw. All we know is “The one which I kiss is him…and Judas went into their mist where they had gathered together in the garden and kissed him, the Christ”. He used his mouth, his lips on Christ’s body!!!

Some churches even teach that only the missionary (the wife on her back, laps apart, the man in between” is the only style accepted as godly. Sorry, God didn’t give us a tutorial on how to have sex. He only wants us to love each other, marry and be fruitful and multiply. He doesn’t care how you do it.

Don’t be deceived. Let your husband explore you, relax, tease her, make each hair strand on her head and skin stand. Kiss his chest, navel, nape, neck, and ear and let him have goose bumps.

As a matter of fact, God is excited that you are married and you are having sex. As long as you are married, he designed and programmed sex for you.

Enjoy it!!!

NB: you are her head indeed. No doubt, but please, she isn’t your slave, know what she wants in bed too.

Most husbands complain that no matter how hard they suck on her breast, her nipples don’t get hard. The reason is because the larger her breasts are, the less sensitive they are. When she is about 33 to 35 DD or 33FF cup size, her breasts are less sensitive to your tongue.

A busty woman will have her right breast more sensitive than the left.

NB: the left breast is bigger than the right in every woman, observe. The breasts are not the same size. So, the smaller right breast is more sensitive than the larger left.

While you suck on her, watch her facial reaction and see if she is enjoying what you are doing or not.

Furthermore, as Christians about to get married, please talk sex, discuss sex. Know if he has a working organ. How? See a doctor. Don’t wait till disaster starts. Even if he lies and you discover after wedding, STILL, see a doctor and find a solution.

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  1. Thank you. Tell them o…if I may add..what your spouse doesn’t know please teach them don’t complain just teach them through patience and kindness

  2. Experimenting with sex toys can help you become more aware of your body, discover what makes you tick, and then guide your partner during intercourse.

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