One Last Dance


#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 9, Written by @yadah_

I hurry out of the room with my purse, grinning from ear to ear. I have snagged the perfect date and what a date it is going to be! Oooh, luck is on my side tonight, I think, chuckling softly. Stopping for one minute to catch my breath, I quickly re-assess my chiffon wrap dress and pat down my weave. I look perfect, especially with this clutch purse and wedge to complete the look.

Outside, the others are all talking excitedly. Exams are done and everyone is feeling the freedom. I walk over and pinch Tayo on his cheeks. If not for his unexpected visit tonight, I probably would still be stuck in my bed, hoping to find an adventure on one of my numerous social networks.

After some chit chat, we are on our way to Club Vegas. It’s a pretty long drive but then, you can never be late to a club, right? The Camry is filled with laughter and voices. Seun is at the back with Janet while Tayo and I are in front. Somehow, I drift away from the voices flying out of the car window and just look at the environment. I never noticed how beautiful Lagos was at night.

Less than an hour after we get to the club, I’m tipsy. I took two champagne flutes of Rosé and Baron Romero mixture and some shots of vodka spiked with whiskey, don’t bother asking who gave me—I myself have no idea. Anyways, Tayo and I are grooving on the dance floor. There’s so much energy here and everybody’s happy.

Suddenly, the DJ changes the song and Dorobucci is blasting round the club. Immediately Reekado’s part started, I totally lose control. It’s like a professional dancer has taken possession of my body and just decided to show off her skills.

Before long, I’m grinding against Tayo, his hands roaming round my waist; allowing the songs entice me, take possession of me and I just flow with the beats.

By the time Tayo managed to drag me off the dance floor, I had given everybody there a show they would never forget. I drown a glass of water before we leave, smiling happily. I even give the bouncer a kiss on his cheek as we walk out. I am ecstatic!

The ride back is even better than when we were going. Apparently, Seun and Jane had spent a better part of our time at the club playing truth and dare and carrying out the most outrageous dares.

Halfway through the ride back, we are carried away in our gist and exchanging crazy stories back and forth. We don’t notice the truck in our front. No one notices the way it’s reversing in our front. We don’t even hear the horns of the other cars on the highway. We are too busy talking, intoxicated with the wine we had drunk.

And then GBAM!

I can’t even think properly. I try to look at Tayo beside me, to see how he looks even in this state. I can hear the sounds of passengers from the other cars; some are trying to call an ambulance and others try to yank open the doors of the car.

Strength is leaving me, I feel like someone is slowly draining the life out of my system. And after a while, I can’t fight again. As I close my eyes, I think about my dress, who will take it off me, if they would loosen my Brazilian hair; I remember my brother’s promise to watch a movie with me once I get back home and think about what he would do when he found out I was gone.

My mum and dad were on mission work again, it would kill them to hear this news. And finally, as I release myself to the darkness, I remember the bouncer I had kissed earlier and the clubbers whom I had put on a show for.

As though I had known that it would be my last, I had danced my soul out.

Praise Oluwarinu

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  1. wow..i hope that in the spirit of xmas and the holidays everyone would be careful and not over do anything so they can see next year. Ps: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE

  2. *teary eyes* if only this gets to does youths plying Victoria Island 2am nd then ending it all at 3rd mainland bridge..

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