Nurse Nancy – Finale (R-18+)


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Without taking my mouth off his dick, I reached out into the wine glass I had dropped by the table. My fingers located what I was seeking, I took it out before removing my mouth from his dick. The ice cube from the wine was already melting but it sure will serve the purpose I had in mind. Holding the Don’s gaze I slowly rubbed the Ice cube on his whole shaft starting with the dick cap. The Don gasped as the coldness from the cube penetrated deep causing immense pleasure.

From his cap I trailed the ice cube slowly down his entire length like I was bathing it, leaving no place untouched. I felt him trembling in my palms, shaking from the pleasure the ice caused him. Next was the balls. My left hand got busy by stroking his dick while the right hand with the ice cube went under the balls rubbing the ice into it. Done with that section I put the remaining ice cube which was now a little bigger than a tumtum into my mouth before attacking the Don’s cock like I was playing the flute while giving a grand performance for Yemisi and Ngozi. I sucked on it with the ice still in my mouth so he can still feel the cold from it. I made sure every inch, length and corner was covered. I left no part out.

I took his whole length in my mouth almost choking myself in the process. I removed my mouth from his dick, looked him in the eyes and asked him to get up and fuck my mouth. He gladly stood up like a man pressed to urinate to do as I asked. My eyes popped out as his cock went in and out of my mouth so fast while his balls slammed on my chin. I was about pushing him off me when he said

Gosh baby I’m about to cum. I’ve never cum from a blow job before. Baby what the fuck did you do to me….ahhhh…”

And he quickly removed his dick from my mouth as he came with his cum dripping on the white rug. His dick was still erect and he didn’t waste time in strapping on a condom, turned me around on all fours on the rug and started banging me doggie style. I was facing Yemisi and Ngozi as he was going in and out of me so fast as though he was pressed for time. With each thrust the pleasure went straight to my brain and I couldn’t keep the scream in again and I screamed without shame even though there was an audience. Even in my heightened pleasure induced state I could tell my fellow nurses were getting sexually aroused by our performance. I noticed Nurse Ngozi’s hand dragging the towel off Yemisi’s chest and as the towel came off she started stroking Yemisi’s massive breast. Yemisi took her eyes off us to face Ngozi kissing her so passionately in the mouth.

Damn!!! Who would have ever thought those two who were always at each other’s throat would one day be making love to each other. It was unimaginable but there it was happening before my very eyes. From the way the Don had slowed the pace I guess he must have seen those two kissing and exploring every part of their body. His breathing got more restrained and so did mine. His hand was on my waist now and though he was moving in me slowly, in and out then he would rotate his waist like he was stirring a pot of soup before he’ll suddenly ram in on me with full force. Slowly then he’ll apply that force again slamming hard into me causing my buttocks to vibrate as he slammed into me like he wanted force his whole frame into me.

Ummmmmmmmm….” He moaned and gbam!!! He slammed into me hard again. The sight of those two caressing was really driving him off the edge. This time he didn’t cum. He got off me, dragged me with him to the bed to watch the show those two were putting on. While we watched as Ngozi ate Yemisi on the sofa I stroked the Don’s cock. I know I didn’t have to do that to keep him erect. What those two were doing was capable of having his manhood hard but I did it to intensify his arousal and boy was it as hard as a rock.

Yemisi whispered something into Ngozi’s ears when she noticed we were no longer busy screwing but busy watching them. Whatever she said caused Ngozi to smile then they both got up from the sofa and started walking towards our direction. They joined us in the bed attacking the Don immediately. I quickly transferred my naked self to the sofa to get a better view. Ngozi went to the Don’s back while Yemisi was at his front as they both started smooching the living daylight out of him. Ngozi who was at his back had her mouth on the back of his neck, throat, trailing her tongue down his spine. The Don was busy sinking his teeth into Yemisi’s big breast and Yemisi’s hand was fondling his nipples.

The Don stretched his right hand backwards grabbing on Ngozi’s ass. I watched as he inserted a finger into her pussy while still sucking on Yemisi’s breast. I was so sexually excited just watching the trio. I considered joining them but knew four of us on that bed will be a crowd so I stayed put, spread my legs open exciting myself by playing with my clitoris watching them doing what I’ve never been opportune to see except in the movies. They were both putting everything they had into pleasuring the Don, all their skills and techniques. They lay him with his back on the bed. Yemisi was on his left while Ngozi on the right and they both bent down the same time to suck his nipples. I wonder how it’ll feel to have both my nipples sucked. From the looks of things the Don was enjoying himself so much. His moans were so loud. Yemisi had transferred herself in between his legs licking everything in her path. Ngozi was still working on his nipples, biting and sucking hard while her hands romanced his body. The Don couldn’t take it no more, he got up almost pushing Yemisi off the side of the bed, wore a condom, grabbed Ngozi who was closer to him, turned her on her side, parted her pussy with his fingers, inserted a finger into her dripping hole.

Ohhh babyyyy you are so wet. I love that

With that said, he entered her through the side. Yemisi didn’t want to be left out so she lay down close to Ngozi taking her breast into her mouth while the Don fucked her from the side. Ngozi’s sex ring tone was enough to make anyone listening horny

Oh my!!! Oh my!!! Ahh, Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, umm, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah baby….this is so fucking good. My pussy is all yours babyyyyyyyyy

I recall she said she prefers girls so I’m betting the feelings she got as Yemisi sucked her breast excited her more than the Don’s dick in her. Twenty minutes later she screamed

“I’m cumming, ohh I’m cumminggggggggggh

Her cum juice actually shot right up into the air like sprinklers. Then I heard the Don say

Your turn

He was talking to Yemisi

Come and ride me baby

Yemisi left Ngozi to attend to the Don. She changed his condom before climbing on top of him. Her huge ass covered my view that I had to change position to see well. I watched as the dick went into her pussy. I was already feeling dizzy with pleasure. Then up and down she went. The force caused her ass to vibrate. I looked at the Don’s face and he looked so happy enjoying what Yemisi was doing.


He slapped her ass urging her to go faster. And faster she went

That’s it baby…fuck this dick like you wanna break it


He slapped the ass again

Umhhhhh” she moaned and groaned as she felt his dick reaching deep into her womb exciting her senses. She dipped harder grinding her pelvic bone into his then up and down, front and back she rode on the dick while I watched. Ngozi looked at me sexually but I shook my head telling her silently

Remember I don’t do girls

She shrugged as if she was replying me with…

You don’t know what you are missing then” before she leaned in to kiss the Don rubbing his nipple too.

Yemisi kept at it for almost 30 minutes till they both came together amidst screams. I was about clapping to the sensual performance I just witnessed when I heard gun shots.

Jesus!!! What the hell was that” Ngozi screamed out

I remembered the wound on the Don’s shoulder and that was when it dawned on me that we were in the company of a very dangerous man who had enemies. There were more gun shots and that was when everyone jumped down from the bed. The Don hurriedly wore his cloths. The room door burst open causing everyone to react fearfully. Ngozi had already ducked under the bed while the Don had reached into a drawer pulling out a pistol. But it was only one of the Don’s men.

“Sir it’s the Bazuki’s

All the while I was in shock and had just stood still. The man didn’t even seem to notice we were naked.


“Sir you need to evacuate now. Two of our men are down

Two men dead!!! I snapped out of the shock, ordering Yemisi and Ngozi to put on their cloths as I put on mine. I knew they were regretting the whole thing and so was I. If we leave here alive I promised God that I’ll be a very good girl. I promised to stay away from the Don even if he promise me all the money in the world.

You girls should follow me” the Don left the room. We were right behind him jerking and taking cover every time we hear shots fired. He didn’t take the front door, instead there was this secret door behind a huge picture on the wall we took.

What of the others?” I just had to ask the Don as we entered a room with a stair case leading down into a dark hallway.

They’ll soon be right behind us

That was when I noticed the Don had a big backpack strapped on his shoulder. We kept walking until we found ourselves in a car park. There were about five cars there. The Don went to the passenger side of this big jeep, while his man got in the driver’s side. The three of us got into the back. Yemisi and Ngozi were shaking terribly and I felt sorry I had brought them into this mess. He started the car driving so fast away from the war happening inside the house. I was scared we might have an accident with the way he was driving. Nobody said anything for almost an hour. It was probably the middle of the night already. The highway was rid of cars or humans. It was like a ghost town. We finally stopped in front of a hotel. The Don got down with us.

You girls will be safe here. I’m so sorry about what just happened back there.”

You mean you are not coming in with us?” I asked

No baby. And where I’m going for your safety you can’t come with me. Business is getting real dangerous and my rivals are getting desperate wanting to cut off all competitions. Now take this” he reached into his back pack, gave Yemisi 5 bundle of 1 thousand naira note and gave Ngozi the same thing. He turned to me

I’m gonna miss you kiddo. I’ve really gotten fond of you” he gave me 2 bundles, wrapped me in a bear hug and whispered

This might be farewell. I’m not sure if we might see again but I hope we will but if we don’t…” He released me looking me deep in my eyes which was getting tearful

Know that I’ll never forget you and I hope you won’t forget me too

I drew myself high on my toes to get to his height then kissed him hard. I couldn’t even say anything for fear that I’ll burst into tears. He went back into the car and they drove off while the three of us waved at the vanishing car.

We went into the hotel. I paid for a room where we slept till the next morning. Yemisi and Ngozi didn’t ask much questions seeing that after all they got paid and I was glad he remembered to pay them before taking off.

We went back to work the next day and life went on for me. Each day I hoped I’ll get a call from the Don. The way he left actually made me feel lonely for a while. I hope he was safe. I wondered if he ever thought about me. Have I fallen in love with him? I hope not. Our parting was so emotional and it affected me more than I realized.

So that’s the story of my life as a nurse. I worked with Doctor Philips for some months before we got sexually intimate. I got pregnant for him. When I found out I quit my job without telling him or anyone the real purpose. I didn’t want to cause a scandal or be known as the second nurse who got pregnant for him. I heard he had a wife in the United States so I quietly quit my job after all I am now a millionaire with two million naira untouched in my bank account cutesy to the Don and I could take care of my child. I moved out of Lagos to Owerri. I opened a small pharmacy after giving birth to my sweet baby girl whom I named Angel. You should see her. She is such a beauty and a bundle of joy with her silky hair and pretty smile. She was just year old when I met this great guy. He’s a pastor and we tied the knot five months later. I finally found love after all.


As written by Tanya – @immune70

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