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I almost peed my pant. I know for sure GOD was punishing me for sleeping with someone’s husband. I’ve never been so scared in my whole life. If this video went public I’ll kill myself. My parents, my friends, the shame, the disgrace. I wondered how Kim Kadashain felt when her sex tape leaked. I heard it made her famous, well this is naija and it won’t be like that for me. I’ll be ridiculed, probably stoned and booed if I’m recognized on the street. I begged God silently to make it all a bad dream, a nightmare that I’ll wake up from anytime soon. I closed my eyes for about a minute, opened them and there I was still in Dr. Miles office. I fell down on my knees crying hysterically, begging him to please delete it.

What’s up with white people and security cameras sef? It was all my fault. Shebi I’ve seen their movies. They always have cameras everywhere. I should have known. No, that’s not even what I should have known. I should have remembered the 8 commandment. I begged Miles in the Queens language, begged him in pidgin, then I didn’t even know when I started begging him in Ibo. I felt a hand on my breast. I was shocked. I looked up at Dr. Miles and his eyes were closed while he was busy pressing my breast through my nurse uniform. That was when I noticed his trouser was opened and he had his small white dick out and was stroking it. Oh no!!! The disgusted truth was staring at me right in my face. No begging was going to change his mind. He enjoyed what he was watching on his computer and wanted a taste of it.

Please don’t do this, please” I tried to reason with him one last time. Instead his hands left his dick and my boobs, transferring them to my head pressing it downwards to his opened fly.

Please” I whimpered one last time till he shoved his dick into my mouth almost choking me in the process. I didn’t suck on it, instead I began crying the more. Instead of pity he got angry and shoved me away from him. I fell on the floor and stayed there. He got up with his dick still erect sticking out of his fly.

Look here lady you’re in serious trouble. Now I ain’t playing here so you better do what I ask you or you lose your job while this video goes public. Now get up and take your cloth off

That was when I knew the game was up. I wiped the tears off my face, got up and slowly took my uniform off. There I was standing with just my bra and pant, shivering from the cold coming from the AC in the office and from fright. Miles didn’t seem to care. He was just standing looking at me with a perverted look.

Now take off your bra

I slowly took it off.

Your pant also

I got rid of that too using one hand to cover my vagina and the other hand to cover my big breast. He looked disapproving of what I just did.

I didn’t see you being modest while you were fucking that patient

I had hate written all over my face as I took my hands off my private areas and stood before him naked like the day I was born.

That’s more like it. Now turn” he commanded

I turned with my big ass facing him.

Bend over

Excuse me” I asked confused

Bend like you wanna touch your toes

I did wondering what he was up to. He was silent for a while that I just had to turn my head to see what he was doing. And there he was enjoying himself as he stroked his dick glaring at my backside like a kid in a candy bar. I heard him mumble something like black women and big ass. I looked away in disgust praying he’ll keep pleasing himself so I won’t have to do so.

Stand up and dance for me” I stood up. The bastard had Kelly Rowland’s music motivation playing. I looked foolish dancing naked for someone I did not even know. I haven’t even done it for someone I do know.

I ain’t playing here lady. You better put your butt in it. Move like you’re dancing for a customer

Did anyone tell this fool I’m a stripper. Still I tried harder. Tried to please this blackmailing mofo. I swayed to the left then to the right seductively.

Rub your clit for me baby. Grab those big boobs, squeeze them lovingly. Make me cum

I had no choice but to do what he said. I grabbed my boobs, rubbed my clit, and licked my lips like I see them do in the videos. I remembered Tiwa Savage’s wanted video and tried mimicking her steps. If I could make this perv reach orgasm without sex better for me.

Just when I was enjoying myself, he suddenly stopped the music and ordered me to lay down on the sofa. Dammit!!! And here I was thinking I had escaped the sex part. I pleaded with him one more time with my eyes but he was deaf and blind to my plea or sorrowful face. I laid on the sofa thinking the worst was about to come but instead he increased his pace in stroking his dick, stood in front of me and released his seed all over my body. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life. His phone rang and from his own side of the conversation I knew he was wanted at in emergency room. I breathed a sigh of relief while he hurriedly zipped up, told me to clean myself up and he said four words  that broke my heart. He said “this ain’t over yet

I went back to my duty post drained of life. I thought up different ways to get out of this mess. I had to come up with a plan and the quicker the better. Just then I remembered Bosco and Hunter. They could kill their mama for half a million bucks. I just need enough information about Dr. Miles like where he lives. While gisting with Ngozi I decided to chip in the question without making her suspicious.

When is Dr. Phillips coming back?” I asked her

He said next week I think.” then she looked at me

Why are you asking? Are you missing him?

Laughing with my head thrown back I replied her

well maybe I am. Or is it a crime to miss one’s boss?” she joined me in laughing

By the way are they related?”

who?”, she asked.

Dr. Phillips and Dr. Miles” I replied. She smiled.

“I can’t blame you for asking. Lots of people have asked. Well they’re not.”

I see. Do they stay together because I noticed there’s an apartment at the back of this building.”

No way. Dr. Miles and Dr. James stays there. Dr. Phil stays up.”

Is it true the nurse I replaced got pregnant for Dr. Phillips?

Who told you that?”

Remember that girl that came for a D and C last week? Well she’s the one

“That girl can talk sha. Its true but it’s not our business

Since I had gotten the information I wanted I decided to drop the gist. After work I went straight to see Bosco and Hunter, told them I had a job for them, and filled them in on it. They were excited. I told them the job had to be done tonight. Go in, threaten Miles with a gun to delete the video, threaten him that if the video ever goes public they’ll come for him and they won’t be merciful. One thing about these guys they are professional. I’ve helped them several times. Treated them, their girlfriends without asking for a penny. When I offered them money they refused. They were angry that someone had the guts to threaten a friend of theirs. That night I slept like a baby….

Written by Tanya

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  1. yayyyyy i tot i wasn’t going to read ‘nurse nancy’ again…thanks elsie…ehn she better not sleep yet oh let him let her be first before she starts sleeping

  2. I love nurse Nancy, evil for evil which kind doctor be this pervert! Nan keep it up with Kayode

  3. Tanya, love the way this is going. And the way you introduce conflict is superb. All my fingers and toes up! Lol

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