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Kayode’s hands was all over my body. I don’t know how he did it but I felt his hands everywhere. My breast, my laps, my ass, and even my legs all at the same time. I was so aroused I was dripping wet. I moaned loudly as his teeth connected with my neck. I never knew one could ignite such passion just by sucking on the neck. I was on fire. I felt his hands go slowly up my gown. His fingers shifted my pant to the side as he inserted one of his fingers in my very wet pussy. Oh lord!!! I closed my eyes while my head went back. I bit my lips hard to keep from crying out loud as he started finger fucking me, first with a finger, then two while sucking hard on my big breast. This man is good. Very good. While his two fingers were doing things in me another finger was busy playing with my clitoris. How could one be multitasking and still be perfect at it. His fingers in me felt so good just then I remembered how his wife almost walked in on us. I tried to speak but I couldn’t get the words out. My voice was thick with pleasure, laced in the web of ecstasy. I breathed in to clear my head forcing the words out.

What about your wife?

My voice didn’t sound like mine. It was husky. He didn’t stop finger fucking me. Instead he replied my question looking me in the eyes

She’s out of the country by now

He smiled wickedly when he saw the pleasure written all over my face. I felt his finger digging deeper

She won’t be back till tomorrow” his breathing was labored like mine.

I unzipped his trousers while he was still doing what he was doing to me and brought out his penis. Oh my!!! It was so black and huge. He saw my reaction

Don’t be scared baby, I’ll be gentle

He removed his fingers from my pussy making me feel empty, walked over to the fridge. I wondered what he was up to. He brought out a plate of ice cream.

I’m gonna suck you with this baby

Nobody have ever done that to me before. The thought heightened my excitement. My heart was already slamming fast on my chest as my pussy pulsed with expectation. He pushed me gentle on the bed, raise my gown up, and pulled down my pant. Thank God I wasn’t wearing any of my big unattractive panties. He licked my ankles, thighs, hips and waist before spreading my legs wide, used the spoon to scoop some ice cream spreading it on my pussy.

ohhhhhhhhhh yes

My legs shook uncontrollable. The feeling is indescribable. You just have to try it to understand. Without his mouth on me I was already moaning out. The cold pleasure the ice cream brought was crazy. He bent down and started eating my pussy.

“Kayode baby, ummmmmmm, you’re killing me…ahhhhh. This is beautiful ohhhh yesssssss yessss” I kept saying different things as I thrashed my head from side to side. He sucked so deep and hard sometimes flicking his tongue over my vagina and sometimes tongue fucking me. His hands massaged my breast pinching my nipples too. He had his face in me. He was making this noise like someone eating a delicious meal. The pleasure intensified and I knew I was about to cum

Baby, oh baby baby baby, I’m about to cum

Still he refused lifting his head. Instead he increased what he was doing. My hands located the pillow, I transferred it to my face biting into it to still my scream. My body contracted like someone having a seizure. The orgasm was explosive. The best I’ve ever had. He finally lifted his face and smiled that devilish smile again. I’ll show him. I stood up quickly saying

My turn

I held his hands leading him to a wooden chair by the corner, took off his trousers pushed him into the chair. I grinned sexily, went to the plate of ice cream, and was glad it was still iced. Time to show him what nurses are made of. I knelt in front of him without taking my eyes off him. I spread the ice cream all over his Dick and even on his balls. He inhaled deeply with his eyes closed. Good. Time for sweet revenge. My mouth closed on his Dick. The ice cream made sucking on his huge cock easy and sweet. Giving blow job had never felt this good. I sucked vigorously while squeezing and rubbing his nipples. Up and down my mouth went over his cock. He grabbed my head

Baby, what are you doing to me?

I sucked on his Dick cap, sometimes popping it with my mouth. Each time I do this a loud moan emits from his throat. My mouth left his cock and went lower to his balls taking them one by one in my mouth.

I need to make love to you now baby, please

In reply I took his whole cock in my mouth giving him the deep throat. He jerked helplessly. I did this for about three minutes before extracting my mouth

Where is your condom

Oh shit!!! I ain’t gat one

No way. The shock was evident on my face.

I didn’t know I was gonna meet a hot sexy nurse

We both had a sad look on our face like someone just died. His erect Dick was already shrinking. Oh no!!! This ain’t happening. I wasn’t going to let this happen. I took my gown off, sat on his lap on the chair rubbing my pussy on his cock to bring it back to life, teasing him. Kayode didn’t waste time, he grabbed my ass assisting my movement. His mouth located my boobs sucking them with his teeth biting the nipples. I felt him growing hard again. With my eyes half closed I wriggled my butt up and down spreading my pussy juice over his cock. I held his Dick trying to insert it in.

Wait, can I trust you baby?” Kayode asked. I wasn’t thinking straight yes but I was playing safe kind of. We ran lots of test on Kayode before we found out what was wrong with him and he is clean. HIV negative and free from any STI.

I’m a nurse sweetie. If I didn’t know you’re safe I wouldn’t be doing this. The hospital makes sure we carry out series of tests every month. I can’t afford to be careless baby so I’m very clean

With that said I inserted his cock in me. Oh so sweet. Up and down my waist went, rocking the chair while rocking his world. We both moaned pleasantly crying out. I kept going up and down on his cock. Up and down I went, left and right going sideways grinding him fast. The more the pleasure hit my system the faster I rode him till we both came together. It was like thunder and lightning clashing together; explosive, massive, electric, intensifying. We looked into each other’s eyes and we knew we wanted more.

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Written by Tessy – @immune70

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  1. Loooool @ thank God I wasn’t wearing one of my big unattractive pants. This kayode guy is good oh. I hope he pleasures his wife like this too hehehehehe.

    1. Looool…. She 4wear d unattractive pant na den all d grooving go just end dere….. Ok dat sex was…….#smh

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