Now Playing: Sweeter Than Honey

Now Playing: Sweeter Than Honey

In search of pleasure and peace

Happiness is all I want

I’ve traveled far and near

Many Oceans I have crossed

The grass is not always green

Green at the other side…my friend you see

Now I realise

What my old man meant when he said

Mo ri oun to ju ayo

Jesu lo ju ayo lo

Mo rioun to ju ayo

Jesu lo ju ayo lo


Odun ju oyin lo


Odun ju oyin lo

Its sweeter than honey…….

Those were the words playing subtly in my room, I wasn’t sure where it was coming from so I started tracing. Making sure an online app was not just streaming and chopping my data (Expensive sh**!)

Finally I found it!

Sweeter than Honey by Titilayo!

I will not bore you with how I never saw Titi as an artist or anything close to that. All I know is, the day this song was released, I clicked download because it was being promoted by my colleague but right now, I am super glad I did. Been on replay for about an hour and I don’t see me getting tired yet.

If you love Lara George, you will love Titilayo…This is the type of music that should kick start your day, keep it going and tuck you into bed.

(PS: I probably murdered typing in Yoruba, please correct me when you listen..LOL)

Click here to download and you will be glad you did.

Now Playing: Sweeter Than Honey by Titilayo

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