New self-cleaning paint on the way…

self-cleaning paint

The dream of never having to clean your car, windows or clothes may soon become a reality, say scientists from University College London, Imperial College London, and Dalian University of Technology in China, who developed a new self-cleaning paint.

When the paint is applied to glass, paper, clothes and steel, and combined with adhesives, it maintains its self-cleaning properties even after being scratched with a knife, scuffed with sandpaper or wiped with a cloth.Self-cleaning surfaces work by being extremely water-repellent, however, they typically stop working when they are exposed to oil or damaged.

self-cleaning paint
Time-lapsed photos of water droplets bouncing of glass, steel, cotton wool and filter paper surfaces treated with the special paint. (Image Credit: Lu Yao, UCL)
This new paint creates a much more resilient surface that is resistant to everyday wear and tear. The research team says it could be used for a wide range of real-world applications from cars to clothing.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

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