My Husband’s Brother

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“Honey, I’m at the airport, what terminal is he coming through?”, Tracy spoke through the receiver of the landline in the limo. She was being chauffeured to the John .F. Kennedy International airport in New York. She had left the Brownstone semi-detached in Brooklyn, only one of her husband’s many properties, to the airport to pick up Denzel, her husband’s older brother. Her husband was MemphisDepay, founder and CEO of Kingpin International, a global conglomerate with many branches. This was the reason why Memphis owned all those properties, not only in New York but all over America, as well as an estate in Dubai, and then his inherited property in Russia. Memphis was actually adopted, taken from his homeland in Russia, the son of a bankrupt stock broker, who begged Senior Depay to adopt his new born son.

Tracy waited the arrival terminal, waiting for her in-law to arrive. She had only seen him once, in a picture that once stood beside their mansion in the Hamptons. She understood that Memphis resented his brother, because Senior obviously loved him more, showering with affection and attention, while Memphis was forced to work for his money, eventually making millions off a military grade supercomputer he and his roommate at MIT designed. Tracy had dressed in a short sundress, exposing her rich dark skin and shapely legs. She could have been a model, but she got married straight out of university, a student at MIT as well.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, a man fitting her husband’s description walked out into the open area. He was more of a god. He had the upper body Adonis would be jealous of, and a face of a cherub. His all American golden boy looks did well to arouse her, she felt herself getting wet, just from the look of him. The dress didn’t do her any justice, the tight bodice barely covering her ample breasts, and as the automatic doors opened, the wind blew up her dress, cooling her dripping lady parts.

Denzel walked up to his brother’s wife. Tracy was as sexy as all the girls he had dated combined, and he had dated his fair share of models and actresses. She was as milfy as possible, but she gave off that beautiful I-know-I’m-a-babe vibe.

“Hi, you must be Tracy.”, His voice was a sexy, compelling, baritone, and Tracy felt herself falling into his eyes.

“Yes, nice to meet you Denzel, I have been waiting so long to meet you.”, Oh my god, she felt so slutty, and she was going to be trapped in the car with him until they reached Brooklyn.

As the driver put Denzel’s luggage in the trunk, Tracy and her visitor slid into the backseats of the car, awkwardly sitting in the silence as the driver put the car into gear and rolled out of the parking lot.

As they cruised down the highway, the awkwardness became unbearable. Tracy had the hots and it was killing her. Every time she looked at Denzel and his beautiful, steaming body, she squirmed and moaned inwardly.

Denzel chuckled. He got his brother’s wife wriggling like a horny bitch. Suddenly he thought of the things he could do to her, he acted on impulse. Reaching over, he wound up the divider. Tracy sharply looked up, reading the situation. In that moment, Denzel couldn’t hold himself back. Before he could control himself, his primal instincts took over. Tracy met him halfway.

They collided with passion, his lips soft, and his tongue searched her mouth longingly, desperately. The kiss was so deep, she had not realized she was holding her breath. They split apart, their eyes filled with lust and desire both wanting the other. A part of Tracy knew the consequences, but right now she needed to be satisfied. She straddled him, feeling his hard cock between her leg. She moved a bit, trying to pleasure herself, trying to quench the thirst she had acquired. Denzel held her still trapping her, leaving her desperate. She jerked, trying to move but his grip was too strong. He tugged down the sun dress, revealing her perfect skin.

The car hit a bump and Tracy pressed down against his swollen flesh as he caressed her erect nipples, teasing them as she moaned. She ground harder on his cock, and gasped in ecstasy, as his hands slid past her panty line, massaging her swollen flesh. She cried out loud as he pushed three fingers in at once. She began to squirm uncontrollably, as he pushed them in and then out, all the while his thumb massaged her clit. His other hand expertly twisted and kneaded her breasts, driving her crazy. She rode herself until she screamed as she hit the wave of her orgasm and she rode it till her vision became blurry.

Before she could calm down, Denzel turned her around, laying her face down to the chair. Propping her up on her knees he pushed up her sundress and pushed aside her wet pants, exposing her big ass. Spreading her cheeks, he used one hand to expose his roaring big cock, lubricated it with her body liquids and in a fluid movement he aligned and pushed the tip into her tiny asshole.

Tracy screamed with pain and arousal as he took her in the ass for the first time. Memphis had never been this exciting. She pushed back on him, forcing his manhood deeper into her ass. She began moaning, as he began to thrust into her. Every thrust knocked the breath out of her, pulling out of her and thrusting hard back in. He rolled her hair in his hands, he pulled back on her forcing him deeper into her. Then he reared her up and pressed her against the door window. Her nipples were being rubbed against the cold glass as he fucked her. She bucked ferociously as she orgasmed, and her asshole milked his dick tightening and squeezing until he cummed.

Again before she recovered, he flipped her and inserted his cum-covered dick into her gasping mouth. Reflexively she gagged, and then she sucked and swirled her tongue. Forcing herself to swallow, she took every drop.

Denzel sat up. He looked at Tracy, who was trying to wipe the cum off her face, and take back any dignity she had as a black woman. He thought of the scandal he just started and decided that it was just a fling.

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