Mumu Juju #1 – Beans & Stew

Mumu Juju

Mumu Juju #1 – Beans & Stew

A wild fantasy adventure that’ll get you laughing for more

When Mortar and Pestle get duped by Kenga millennium old deity into doing his dirty bidding for him they are sent out a wild journey to obtain relics that would change their world as they know it, join this two oafs as they smash and crack their way through beans zombies and tanker sized ogres, expect the bizarre and hold your breath this is about to get extremely JUJUFIED

Created by Etubi Onucheyo1mumu 01pg12mumu juju3mumu juju4mumu 01pg045mumu 01pg6All rights reserved to Vortex Inc. a leading Nigerian creative content company.​

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