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memoirs of Eva

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What the fuck?” I screamed when I managed to look up. There was a Toyota 4Runner right in front of the car, apparently, judging from the scene in front, Tunde had been so far gone in the throes of passion that he had hit a bigger car.

I’m sorry Eva, I don’t know how…”

I interrupted his about to come long apology speech with a long look at him. “It’s Ms. Madariola, boy.”

Opening the car door, I swung my right leg out first, then my left until I got out of the car and walked over to the wound down window of the 4Runner.”Hi, is there a problem?” I said, with the biggest smile I could muster at that point. The driver looked at me with a bored expression.

The only problem here is my car being hit by yours. You should drive more carefully, lady, especially at this time.” He was right about the time, it was past 10p.m. and the roads were quite deserted.

I apologies, I’m sure the driver was quite carried away. He’s a new driver and...”

The sly smirk on his face cuts me short. “Excuse me, did I miss something?

Why, no. Any reason for you to think so?

Well, your smile, or rather, smirk, seems to be passing a message I don’t seem to get.”

He grinned and shook his head. “No, it’s nothing. I was just thinking of how welcome the new driver was made to feel. Sorry. So, about the car?

Oh. I turn my face away, my cheeks getting all flushed and blushed.

I honestly don’t think anything is wrong, but if there is, I can fix it.” I was itching to get out of here and get home to my big and comfortable bed.

It’s fine, it’s yours I’m worried about. But it seems to be fine too.”

I nod and start to mutter my thanks.

Eva, do you really not recognize me? Have I changed that much, or have you totally wiped me out of your memories?”

Excuse me, I don’t seem to get you.

You could always feign innocent, but not for long.”

Was I missing something here?He gently opened the car door as I backed away and came out. Dressed in a casual tee and black jeans, he reminded me of times past. Of passion and lust, forgotten and rare moments.

Do you remember me now?

Of course I did. How could I forget the man that had lured me in with wild promises and even wilder sex?

“Yes,” I replied, words getting stuck in my throat. There was so much to say, so much to ask. “Dayo Abiola. Yes, yes, I remember you.”

He laughed, a throaty and almost, arrogant laugh. Just as always. “I knew you did. I don’t believe you could have forgotten me that easily. Not after those moments we spent together, learning each other’s anatomy like the palm of our hands.”

I turned my face away, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. He came closer and placed his hands on my shoulder. For a split second, I thought of shrugging it away, but after a while, I allowed him have his way.

Remember that last night in Paris? You said you’d be back. Whatever happened to coming back?”

I don’t think anyone would have come back to that cage you termed a relationship, not even for the flamboyant and extravagant riches.” I replied, before I had a chance to think it through.

Again, he laughed. Typical of him, I thought, as the memories of the months I had spent with this man came running back.

Nothing? Not even our child?”

I flinched and jerked away from him, the tears threatening to spill.How dare he? How dare he bring back such memories? Such bitter and painful memories?

I walked away from him, my fingers clenching and unclenching. I regret tonight. Why did I have to run into him? Oh, why? Why did I have to see the jerk of a man again?

When I was 19, I met Dayo Abiola and I thought I had met my heaven on earth. For six months, I spent my every waking moment with him. And boy, did he spoil me! Exuberant gifts like 16-carat diamond rings for Valentine’s Day, an iPhone for St. Patrick’s Day and other random gifts for random holidays, most of which he made up.

Now, it wasn’t that I wasn’t able to afford these gifts myself, but the ease with which he gave them was what baffled me. When I finally realized why, I couldn’t have felt any more stupid. Dayo had turned me into his plaything, his toy, his trophy girl.

I didn’t realize I was caged until later, and by then, I was caught up in the wealth and attention he showed me.”You wanted him, didn’t you? I never wanted that child.”

His eyebrows rose, in a sort of question. “No wonder you let him slip away so easily.

Excuse me?

He laughed again, without mirth. He seemed to be laughing a lot, laughing at me. I held my head high, determined not to let my resolve fail.

No wonder you let death steal him away.”

I couldn’t take that, and before I could control myself, I had slapped him, hard.

That slap will not bring him back, control yourself.”

Damn you, Dayo! I wish you’d rot in the hottest part of hell.”

You don’t even care, do you? Your son is dead and all you do is slap me?

He was never my son, no. I shook my head, rejecting his words.

He was never my son, and you knew it.”

Oh yes, he wasn’t. He just seemed to happen from the loads of passionate and everlasting lovemaking we engaged in.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Lovemaking? We made a lot of things, sounds, moans, even a baby. But never love, Dayo, never that.”

He grabbed my hands, suddenly and pinned me against the car.

Who are you, and what have you done to my Eva Madariola?

That Eva, my dear Dayo, I’d dead.”


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