Memoirs of Eva – 3

memoirs of Eva

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Mr. Daniels stands up on walks towards me, leaning on the edge of the table, he folds his arms across his chest.

Grinning, he says, “Yes, you.” He walks over to me, his hands deep in his suit trousers.

Tell me, Eva, Do I make you shiver? Make the goose bumps appear on your skin? Do I affect you the way the other ladies claim I do?

I sit back down, my pussy getting wetter with each word that proceeds from his lips. “Am I the type of man that you would like to be your Christian Grey? To spank you, fuck you so deep that your backside will be sore for days? To kiss you so fiercely, until your lips are swollen and red? To...”

I cut him short, I can’t take it anymore. “Mr. Daniels, I’m sorry for my outburst, but I have to go now.” I stand up to leave, when he grabs me by the arm and pulls me to him.

Don’t go. If you’re sorry, you’re going to have to show it. Show that you’re remorseful. Show your apology, don’t just say it.”

My head is pounding, trying to understand him. “And how should I do that?

Before I can process what is going on, I am pressed tightly against his chest, his erection pressing against my pussy.

He gently clasped my chin with one hand and turned my face to him, slowing leaning in so we were only few centimeters away from each other’s lips. He peered unflinchingly into my eyes. “If you go here, there’s no going back?

My eyes were dark with passion, the warmth from my pussy was seeping through to the rest of my body. Feeling brave, I retorted, “Who says?”

And with that, he pressed his lips to mine, biting my lips as he searched for an entrance into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck, giving him more and willing him to take more. I slid my tongue into his mouth as he slid his into mine, each of us dancing together, a dance of sexuality and passion, nothing else. Just raw passion.

Two or three minutes later, my arms still around his neck, he moved his lips down to my neck and started kissing me there, a bite here and there which was sure to leave hickeys and a lick here. He moved to my shirt and quickly undid my top three buttons. He placed his mouth on my right breast, sucking on the nipples hard and fast, while he squeezed my left breast.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and realized the situation. I removed my arms from his neck sharply and pushed him away.

Turning away, I buttoned my shirt back before I turned back to watch him staring me.

I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you. You were sitted with my secretary, gossiping idly, with your hair tousled and your lips bright with red lipstick. When you threw your head back and laughed, I knew I had to have you.”

I open my mouth to speak, but he takes long strides towards me and places a finger on my lips, shutting me. “Don’t say a word. I know we both felt it. This is pure passion, nothing else. But its fine, if you deny it.

I walked, almost ran, to the seat I had occupied briefly and snatched my bag. I swiftly walked out of my office and made a dash for the nearest bathroom.

Safely inside the bathroom and the lock secured, I dropped my bag, pulled down my skirt and stuck a finger into my very wet hole.

Willing that finger to be Mr. Daniels’ cock, I added a second and a third, plunging deeper and deeper, exploring my vaginal walls as I liked.

I slipped my thumb in and rubbed my clit, pushing myself closer to the edge of orgasm and finger fucking myself faster. Grabbing my right breast which Mr. Daniel had just sucked, I pumped my fingers in faster and harder, moaning softly as I felt the sensations rush through me.

Suddenly, I begun to shudder and tremble as my fingers fucked me faster. Moaning loudly, and calling Mr. Daniels’ name, not caring who heard, I came hard and fast, squirting all over.

With a satisfied smile, I licked my fingers clean, adjusted my outfit, picked up my bag and walked out, although my legs were a bit shaky from the aftermath of my orgasm.

As I close the door behind me and look up, I find myself staring right at Mr. Daniels.

Seems my name is a source of pleasure to a beautiful lady.”

I straighten up and pat my hair down. “Actually, it could have been called out of sorrow, anger, remorse. Thought of that?

He stares at me, long and hard, his beautiful eyes boring into me. “Your sharp mouth got you into this first, Miss Madariola.”

And it will get me out.”

I told you there was no going back.”

And I asked who said so?

Why are you so challenging, woman?”

This time, I look him squarely in the eye before I reply. “The name’s Eva, not woman, sir. And if you don’t mind, I would like to take my leave now.”

And with that, I walk out, feeling more confident than I did when I first walked into his office.

Back on the road, I join the flow of traffic leading to 3rd mainland bridge. An hour later, I manage to arrive at my parents’ house in one piece after my car developed a fault while

Hey” I call out, as I step into the lobby of the Ikoyi mansion. The house seems quiet and empty, a warm welcome away from the normal noise and busy atmosphere the house is associated with.

Ma’am, welcome. Mrs. Madariola told me to expect you. I am Shola Fasanmi, the new butler.” I turn towards the direction of the speaker and bless him with a smile.

Oh yes, Shola. My mother indeed spoke of you. Is she out? And what of the driver I requested for? She did say that he would be awaiting me.”

Yes ma, she and your father went for a company dinner and will most likely be out until the early hours of tomorrow. The driver is reversing the car.”

I nod, typical of them. I had hoped to have a little chat with my mother though. “Thank you Shola, I’ll be in my room when the driver is done.

Back in the room where I slept as a younger girl, I change into a pair of shorts and a tank top, then jump on the bed, thoughts of the day running through me. I don’t realize I have slept off until I hear the door open.

I’m sorry, I knocked on the door for about ten minutes. I had to come in when you didn’t answer.”

Turning over to get a better look at the speaker, my inner goddess leaps out from the bed, eager to pounce on this fine specimen.

Those muscles though…

And you are?” I ask, snapping at my inner goddess so I don’t do anything stupid… or sexy.

The driver, I’m here to take you home.”

Before I can control my mouth, I blurt out.

Oh, I’m pretty sure you can. I wouldn’t mind you driving me, anywhere right now.

He stares at me in shock and I freeze.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit crazy. Forgive my manners…

He interrupts me immediately, a smirk on his face.

I wouldn’t mind you riding me either.

Oh my days.



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