GOT Season 7 – E2 – Stormborn & the battle of Bastards all Over Again.

GOT Season 7 – E2 - Stormborn and the battle of Bastards all Over Again - elsieisy blog

There was that moment in this episode that we all nearly loved: when I thought Dany would really ask Greyworm to remove Varys’ head (how come Conleth Hill is looking kind of trimmer?) and when I truly believed Jon would bash Littlefinger’s head against one of those stones that line the crypt at Winterfell. But those moments are gone now and they are still alive, though there is that little satisfaction that the last two Targaryens can crack open the shield that these pretenders hide behind.

With Jon riding off to Dragonstone (and leaving Sansa as queen of the North), I don’t think he would meet Bran (unless their paths cross, I really need a map of the seven kingdoms) nor would he come back alive, though he is not a Stark to ride to his death when he leaves the North like Rob, Ned and the rest.

(Peter Dinklage) Tyrion gives off wordgasms as he unleashes his magical wit on a plan that would thwart Cersei’s (who really plans to rally the lords of Westeroes with the idea that a horde of barbarians are invading) and win the war without much bloodshed. Then that his’ ‘Queen of the ashes’ phrase has got me reeling!

Meanwhile, with Qyburn’s invention, I won’t be surprised if the dragons are all slain on their arrival in the King’s Landing if Dany chooses to unleash them, it is so like HBO to catch us off guard every time.

The red woman got to the island? I see why Ser Davos hates her; she is too fine for an old woman and too confident for a mass murderer. Let’s just hope Jon kills her this time (and yes I don’t care that she was the one that brought him back to life).

That thing they say about wishes and when they come true just came back o hurt me from the previous review, I had wished for Nymeria’s reunion with Arya and it turns out the wolf doesn’t want to go with her as she has found a pack. And oh! Here is an explanation for the ‘It’s not you” Arya said (to break your heart and down your hopes):

In season one, when Eddard Stark had told Arya of a future he had imagined for she and Sansa, about marriage and children, she had told him ‘That’s not me’, she would choose a different part, now, she was painting a future for Nymeria but like her, the wolf wants to be something else, hence the statement. Thank you.

And we are fed the Battle Of Bastards’ disappointment all over again, for seven minutes I endured watching people fight on ships like they came to a playground and are not having much fun. The only dent I have seen in this series is their fight scenes, I mean if you have seen fights from Spartacus to Rise of an Empire, the Game of Thrones fights are like comparing cat fights to professional boxing. I think this is why Arya who dropped out of the college of Water-Dancing-Swords then graduated from the institute of Faceless Assassins has not given us a minute show of her fighting prowess and only goes about poisoning people and killing old men. Plus, how did Euron find them so quickly, were they still on their way to Dorne or they had gotten there and headed to King’s Landing? At least now I know the gift he will offer Cersei. The ghost of Ramsey Bolton still works within Theon as the cockless coward jumps into the sea at the sight of Yara’s capture, and don’t give me that sob story about trauma, was he not fighting before her capture?

And like Mama Elena told Dany, she should be a dragon and save us the stress of watching these lackluster fights: Let them burn!

The third episode approaches, what are your predictions?

by Obinna Jones

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