L – Life without LOVE is CHAOTIC, SAD ‘n’ SOUR.

O – Of all valuable & priceless gifts one can aspire to get, LOVE is supreme, priceless & invaluable

V – Verily verily, LOVE conquers all.

E – Every living thing in life needs LOVE to grow happily.

Genuine love is not selfish, not vengeful, not hateful, not fearful, not bad-minded, not corruptive, no malice, no back stabbing….. (Fill in any other bad attribute)

Genuine love is kind, caring, forgiving, sacrificial, loyal, dependable, enduring, sweet…. (Fill in any other good attribute)

If humans across the globe could embrace genuine love, the world would be a much better place to live, void of war, corruption, terrorism, crisis, and bloodshed.

The common saying that “every man is for him/herself” can be arguably discredited if every man embraces genuine deep love and exhibit genuine loving gestures to another man irrespective of age, sex, tribe, race, religion, political inclination, sexual orientation etc. but this seems to be a difficult task for everyone because of many deep-rooted, long-existing histories in human race.

Nevertheless, genuine love can do almost all things and make impossibilities to be possible.

The race to survive in this cruel & lonely world is one of the major reasons that genuine love does not exist in this world. Individuals, religion, race , tribe, political parties, association, friends, family members and business partners are all in the race to survive or show supremacy over another, and by so doing, many will do anything bad, wicked, inhumane, even gruesome to achieve their goal.

Boko haram exist in Nigeria today for selfish religious reason, not minding the slaughtering of innocent souls even children.

The members of Mo’ hit records are in disharmony today because genuine love does not exist in their hearts and for selfish motives.

The Northerners and Southerners in Nigeria have long been contesting, struggling and fighting for “POWER & SUPERIORITY” and almost everyone or party involved will go any length at achieving their goal, not minding if any innocent soul is lost in the battle. This is because genuine love does not exist amongst us. If there is, it shouldn’t be too difficult to amicably resolve on how to rotate the presidency power between the north and south regions of Nigeria.

Take a look at the Police force in Nigeria, where officers on road block or road check are more particularly about harassing innocent citizens just for money; they leave the powerful ones undisturbed and go after the middle to low class citizens, tormenting and extorting them. If genuine love exists in their hearts, they will be more concerned about security and the safety of the lives of all citizens rather than extorting them. In same vein, we have been hearing news of Caucasian U.S police officers killing black youths indiscriminately for no serious offense. This shows that genuine love is lacking across the globe.

It is deeply sad and hopelessly more sad, to think that genuine love from person to person, race to race, tribe to tribe, party to party etc. has long gone into extinction from the time of our older generations and I can’t say for sure that this world will ever embrace genuine love, unless maybe a stunning miracle does the unthinkable.

Raising awareness about this topic, and propagating the pros of genuine love existing globally against the cons of lack of genuine love existing globally seems to be a right step in the right direction to resuscitate “GENUINE LOVE’ in the hearts of every living soul on planet Earth, so as to make this world a much better and peaceful place to live and enjoy life till old age.

The slogan “ONE LOVE” which was turned into a beautiful song by our own renowned artist, “TUFACE” should be adopted as a global motto to guide our hearts towards doing good deeds and expressing genuine love to one another.

Bless and peace out!!!!

Submitted by Tolu Jayeoba

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