She was shy and so was he. They were in “like,” everyone could see. Her best friend, always on her side. His companion when he cried so much, his tears ran dry. Talking one day, their eyes happened to meet. It was like a sudden car crash in the middle of a street. Or a downpour of rain, immediate and uncalled for.

The love was found so strong, it made her heart soar. But what she did not know, was that he felt it first. He felt the pounding in his chest as she walked through the door. He was immersed in something he could not ignore. She had always felt a little something here and there. A brotherly love maybe? She did not care. He was so kind, so sweet, strong, and wise.

But then… She looked into those eyes. Her heart-mush. Her insides gone. He made her feel empty, but not alone. She felt safe and secure, nothing could go wrong. She listened to a million of these particular songs. Songs he loved, sang just for her. Did he realize what he was doing?  Sure, he wanted to make her feel like he cared. He cared more than anyone, it was often more than he could bare. The burden of love, he loved her so deep.

Why can’t she see what she is doing to me? The way the curls flow over her shoulders. Her steps and how he wanted to grow older….Older together… He knew it was right. He prayed to God every night, please God, let her see through all my flaws. Let her know that I want to be her Romeo. That every time she’s around, my heart thaws, from the cold hard shell that she sets aglow.

But why did things have to be so problematic? Couldn’t God just wave His hand and make it all okay? Why couldn’t her response be automatic, Instead of holding out on what she wanted to say? She wanted to tell him how his voice was like silk. How every movement of his gentle lips made her melt. When he walked by, she stopped and stared. Could he tell how much guilt she felt? She wanted to tell him that he was her comfort zone. That she wanted to go everywhere he would go. All because she could explain, what a terrible day she had experienced, and he would make it go away. Simply by listening to her in silence. How kind he was and careful towards her feelings.

But did he know she was numb inside, in the midst of healing ? He made her laugh, He made her cry. He did more than anyone could, He made her feel alive. Happiness was an understatement, she always said to herself. He makes me feel… like… something else. It is not bubbling happiness, because I sometimes cry.

But what is true happiness without imperfections? There is none, believe me, I’ve tried. It isn’t like the happiness you get at Christmas time, while you are opening presents, and cannot wait to see what is inside. I had an earlier love, a past friend who helped me when I was in need of fresh start. They hung in the atmosphere above, they spoke to my heart. No one held a relationship like I did with these. The stars are my friends still, my comfort and ease. He changed her world forever. They would grow old together, hand in hand. He remains in her heart, for eternity and after death. He still makes her smile, still makes her blush. His thoughts and words still warm her, Along with his touch.  No, it isn’t like Cinderella because their lives were hard.  But like a more special story, that only they know and remains in their hearts….

Submitted by Agiode Ayomiposi

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  1. Uhm. This story lost me somewhere along the line. Also, nothing about the state of the country. I believe that was among the requirements.

    1. I believe the poem is ok without the state of the country, ‘cos doing that would limit it’s scope and audience. It’s universality and the poet’s use of ‘she’ and ‘he’, makes it obvious that it’s meant to be relatable to anyone and fit into any situation. Really nice poem btw.

  2. This is a poem like a story…It’s about feelings thoCan’t say it’s true loveCuz crush cud make one feel in similar wayAnd yes, notin in relation to Nigeria Simply a write up in it’s own world or class..

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