List of Husband Snatchers in NollyWood? LOL

husband snatchers

So I read list of Husband Snatchers in Nollywood on, this list had the likes of Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, Mercy Aigbe Gentry, Funke Akindele, Stella Damasus, Flakky Ididowo, Foluke Daramola and Nuella Njubigbo.

mercy aigbe

As I read through the gist, at first I wasn’t sure what I felt. Of course I landed on the page out of curiosity, wanted to know who this husband snatchers were even if I had an idea of some of those who would definitely make the list.

Some of these ‘Husband snatchers’ are still very happily married to the said ‘snatched husband’ while some saw the end of their relationships yesteryears.

I beg to ask, who should be blamed? He that was snatched or the snatcher? Need I remind you we are talking of full grown men, those who usually are 35years and above. Asides Foluke Daramola gist which had a bit of juju in the matter according to una gist o, how on earth will you sit your ass and claim your man was snatched?

husband snatchersIs your man a handbag? Because I know people snatch handbags, or a pen? Even snatching a car sef has to be at gun point most times. Now tell me why hate a sister who seems to be getting the love you once got from your before before man?

I have heard women who constantly watch their friends around their man, they get overly protective. Protective of females they talk to, females the work with, some would rather have the resemblance of sigidi statue in their husbands’ offices in the name of secretary just because they grew up watching nollywood which taught them that most of the husband’s extra marital affairs starts with the secretary. Some are just overly dramatic over nothing.

It’s high time you realise that a man stays with you as long as he wants to stay and has chosen to be by you for the rest of his life.

However, we are humans, these decisions change. The only difference between men and women is that women have given them the power to think they are the only ones with the right to get up and walk out of a marriage when they think they have found something better.

If a woman decides to leave her husband because she found someone else whom she loves, the woman will be blamed, if her husband decides to leave her for another woman, the woman still will be blamed and then more blame on the new woman.

As far as I am concerned, if your husband/boyfriend is not a handbag, pen, biro, paper, car, or a thing, no one snatched him, he decided to walk away by himself. Sitting back to tag someone a husband/boyfriend snatcher or writing series of open letters won’t help your condition.

 And i think its time we let these celebs be though, most of those criticizing them steadily ‘snatch people’s husband/boyfriend’ daily and they come on to talk shit about celebs’ lives because no one sees their own mess.

Dear Men, If you have been snatched before, please raise up your hand and let me see how ‘thing like’ you are. Incorrigible rubbish!

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