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Car Honked louder and louder in Traffic, The Whole Bridge was on a lockdown and I was stuck in it with my Passenger who was an Elderly Man in his Mid-40s

He Didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry, he was on his way too Apapa, weeks have passed since Aunty Onos called saying she extended her stay for another month, I really wasn’t comfortable at what I was doing, I can’t be doing this.

I always pictured myself doing other things not driving cab round the city and carry people that keep telling you their problems but will never ask you how you are doing and secrets are finding their way into your ears and you caught up with being either a good guy or a bad person

And still haven’t heard a word from Nnenna, where am I heading to? As the words mumbled in my head

Oga Move Now!, Your Papa! Move your Car Jare!

I started my car hurriedly and moved forward as the traffic started easing as we got to a point.

What was causing the traffic?

Nothing oh absolutely nothing I said, It was one of those traffics were there was no source

This Lagos traffic can be frustrating, It Makes living very hard”, He said

Yes Sir it does

The Network of roads are poor” he said, “I don’t even know what these governors are doing. And the roads are bad

But Fashola tried

Oh Of Course he did, But Lagos is a growing City and Infrastructure wise yes he tried but did he increase your standard of living? That’s the main question you should be asking.”

“Take this traffic issue now and how many businesses have come to a standstill at this moment, it’s obvious that the cars are too much in Lagos. Policies can be made that will reduce the amount of cars that are owned by Families. By The Time taxes are paid on the amount of cars you own you will calm down” he said

Then Increase and Improve the Transport System, There is Water, Why can’t we try Train?? Nigeria Has the Money

Improve the network of roads, Fly Overs and all, these things are attainable but these Politicians make it seem like a very big deal.”

That’s true” I Said,

Yes Yes and even in that way government creates more jobs for youths I mean my brother Corruption and Greed is ruining us all, Turn Left here

Okay Sir

Stop in front of that Red gate

Okay Sir

Take your Money

Bye Sir

As I reversed and drove off, I thought about all he said and yeah he made a lot of sense but I Mean Lagosians actually like buying cars

One Family can have 10 Cars or more and all, but well if someone can afford 10 cars should he be directly to blame for the Government’s failure to do their Jobs?

Government just be eating the money

Phone rings*

Hello Sir

Efe How are you?

Fine Sir

Where are you?

I’m Coming back to the island,

Okay Okay

Please Go to Eko Hotel when you get there call me

Okay Sir

I Headed for Eko Hotel and Got to the Parking Lot, Called Mr. Abayomi back

Hello Sir, I’m here


After few minutes I saw Mr Abayomi’s Mini Girlfriend coming towards the car,

My Phone rang

Take her to her friends Place and take them to Shoprite

Okay Sir

She opened the door and entered,

Good Afternoon” she said

Evening how are you?”


Did my Daddy tell you where we going to?”

Yes He said Shoprite and your friends

My friends are already at Shoprite so let’s just go there


I drove towards shoprite as I increased the volume of my stereo, she was busy with her phone. Mr. Abayomi is just chopping life, this girl was definitely a catch, So Fine and fresh. But why is he doing this though?? Who can blame him? all these marine spirit girls. It takes a strong man, He should just think about those kids sha..

We Got to Shoprite and she got down, “Give me your number so I call you when I’m done


Typed it on her Phone and drove to park, Marriage always scares me, Mr. Abayomi is a case of many. Some go on till they die. It takes a lot to be in a marriage and I know what it means for a child to not to be with two complete parents, All those PTA nights were your Mum plays the Daddy and Mummy or watch your parents split apart and it ruins your ability to love. I really just don’t wanna put my kids through such.

Nnenna hasn’t still called as well, what’s in it for me? I am beginning to get emotional again, all this marriage feeling and Mr. Abayomi escapades has gotten me soft.

I reached for my Alomo Bottle and a stick of Cigarette as I Increased the volume of my radio

And rested my eyes

My Phone screamed me, drowsily I woke up and picked up the call


I’m Done


Started the engine and went to pick her and she was with a Boy, holding hands. They entered the car together and sat at the back and started kissing immediately and making funny noises

I was deep in shock, Wow is that how it is???

Mr. Abayomi paying bills for another nigga to service, this is just ridiculous I murmured to myself

Are we going back to the hotel? I asked

Yes Yes She said

As I Drove Back to Eko Hotel

The Boy asked, Wont You call your Daddy and tell him you back so that he won’t start getting worried

Don’t worry when we get upstairs I will She Said

Okay baby He Said

I Dropped Them off at Eko Hotel, and started to ponder on how ridiculous this thing was, Why a girl will put herself through so much stress just to survive. oh Well… what’s her own Mr. Abayomi is the one that wants to be a Mumu, she is just enjoying the benefits and Karma biting him Nicely I guess

Oh Well What Do I Know? I’m Just a Cabman and I’m just here to serve

* Radio Plays * Hurricane-Remember

 Sir JAydee

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