Let there be light


#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 11, Written by korede Ogunseinde, he blogs at www.legalwatchmen.blogspot.com

I was on twitter some days back and I stumbled on this tweet:

Nigeria wasn’t on the map when God said let there be light

Initially, the tweet was funny but on a second thought, I started wondering, will Nigeria really ever have un-in​terrupted power supply?

Nigeria, my motherland, the country where power is valued more than food (in some cases). Electricity is scarce like rainfall in dry season. People cannot hide their excitement when there’s power. You see children screaming/dancing on the streets, people rushing to charge their devices, others ‘flying’ to go do a marathon ironing of their cloths. Nigeria has suffered for decades from inadequate electricity service to the point that people coined other names for the formerly government owned monopoly PHCN, Power Holding Company of Nigeria to ‘Please Have Candles Nearby’. No one in this country can say he has enjoyed uninterrupted power supply in his life

Every company, organization or thriving business in Nigeria has a minimum of two generators while millions of homes survive with generating sets.

Since the privatization of the power sector, there has been no difference in power supply and Nigerians are worried that they would be made to pay through their noses before they can afford electricity supplies in their homes and companies, considering the fact that the investors have paid a lot of money for the former PHCN’s assets.

Many Nigerians blame the government for fund embezzlement and has resulted in poor power from the sector. Privatization has not done any change to the situation either.

So what exactly is the solution to Nigeria’s power issues?

Written By- Korede Ogunseinde


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