Leaders Should Stop playing politics with everything – TB Joshua


In the SCOAN live Sunday service of the 9th of February 2014. The man of God Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua (TBJ) spoke prophetic words as usual about the nation Nigeria and the world at large but in a more or less angered tone.

Here are some excerpts from the things he said:

The unity of Nigeria will be threatened and anyone that contributes to the crisis in Nigeria will not live to see 2016.

Everyone at the helm of affairs will give account of their participation in this crisis that is coming

This time around, you will know there’s God. This year 2015 will prove that God is alive.

If the bomb blast comes up when there is political rally, then you know there is issue. But this things happen to innocent people, common citizens, common Nigerians. Or else there’s no God. You will see what will happen.

There’s a finger of God in this country.

We need to know the kind of crisis we have, if its political crisis or religious crisis. Why should you go to people’s place of worship to disturb them? Where they worship their God.

A lion can sleep, but not spiritually.

Our leaders, the issue of politics, they shouldn’t play politics with everything. You play politics with religion/christianity. Play politics with education, health, with everything. This is getting out of hand. And should be cautioned.

Let us carry God along. We ministers of God are being rubbished. The politician go to the house of God and stand at d altar to start talking.

This pastor is this party, this party is this party. Where re we going?

Like I’ve said, I’ll take my time to travel from state to state to deliver God’s message to them.

Pray for your big brothers, for good health. This Is a super nation. The great nation, the leader.

Ghana should pray against economy crisis.

Two states in south Africa will face leadership tussle because of sickness and disease.

politics tbj
Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua

————————“When God speaks, the wise listen”

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