by Ebuka Makinde

I knew an old man once, by the river bank he sat

Behind him stood his hut, and old man smiley he was called

For he was always with a happy smile

Weaving and mending nets in exchange for fishes from the fishermen that pulled the sea

Old man smiley had no family but by all he was loved

The children will always gather around him

For he told the most amazing stories of people he met

And gave the best best smoked fish to the children as they left

The men respected him for he always sold them nets that never disappointed

The women loved him, for old man smiley

Watched over their children

He made sure they never drifted off to the dragging torrents of the river

Old man smiley lived a happy life of content

Never owning much but giving the best

He always said

“I will know I have lived a good life, if all that passes through me

I was able to deposit in them a fire to keep going for the cold days ahead”

And old man smiley did

For all that knew him, grew in them a warmth that came from his kindness

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