Journey To The Future 2 – 3

Journey to the future by FemiFragile

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One week passed and no one caught sight of Bade. Kike filed a report with the police and their search for him was also futile. Presido made me realize he had never had a tough time tracking a person, whoever Bade was hiding with was doing a good job, he explained, but gave his word that it was only a matter of time before nemesis caught up with him. I couldn’t figure out what had changed, but everything within me encouraged Presido not to stop searching for Bade,

I no want make police find am before I find am” I explained to him.

If justice needed to be served, it should be served hot. I was doubtful about the court of law’s capability to deliver Bade the type of torment I planned for him. There’s always a drop of goodness embedded in any wicked soul, the same man who inflicted on me the pain Bade inflicted on Bisi tried to talk me out of vengeance,

Fine boy, why you no allow police handle this matter?” Presido asked and all I could do was shake my head in objection.

The kind life wey u wan enter no go pay you o, but if you wan be like me, I no mind. Man wey go follow devil chop, hin spoon go long, if not hin go burn.” He took a drag of marijuana and continued, “If you change your mind sha, make I know. No do am for me, do am for your sister.

I left his cubicle confused, his words and actions that day antagonized his personality, maybe God was trying to warn me. I was still battling with the thought of what choice to make when I remembered my father’s words,

It takes courage to forgive your enemies; it is only a coward that seeks retribution. Revenge is a battle that leaves your soul in shambles, the only way to win the war is not to go into it.

I concluded within me that I would call off Presido’s search for Bade and let the law take its course. Who quenches fire with petrol anyway? Presido isn’t even in the best position to determine Bade’s fate; he is as beastly and guilty as Bade. I reached for my phone, I wanted to tell Presido I changed my mind, and then I realized I had several missed calls and a text message. Lizzy and Keji had called several times, my phone was on silence; I always used the silent profile whenever I visited Presido. The first time I visited him and my phone rang, I was fined, by broken bottle, another rogue in Presido’s clique. He wasn’t the popular Ajigijaga, but he looked scarier, uglier and deadlier; his incisors broken, with several scars only stitches could leave on his face. I checked my unread inbox message and I was happy to read that Bisi regained consciousness, Lizzy texted me.


I wept as I hugged Bisi, it broke my heart to see her in that state; a victim, but I was relieved that it didn’t claim her life. All that’s left is to make sure she doesn’t get stigmatized, and it was a relief to know I had three ladies who could help me achieve that. I expressed my gratitude to Keji for her care, she informed me that Lizzy and Kike were also present but had to leave due to duty calls, the reason I met only her.

“Brother Kunle” Bisi called in tears as she held on to me tightly, “I am here now my baby. Everything will be better now” I calmed her fears with courage and wiped her tears afterward.

“What does my baby sister and most beautiful woman in the world wants to eat?” I asked in an attempt to distract her from the obvious, pain, and she let out a smile in return. She demanded for juice and I rushed out to get it for her. Upon my arrival from getting the juice, Lizzy was already present. We hugged and few minutes later she requested for an audience. We stepped outside the ICU and with her makeup revealing her nervousness she spilled,

“Your sister suffered a miscarriage”

“Mis-what?” I gawked

“She was thirteen weeks pregnant, and it seem as though she suffered the miscarriage from being punched by Bade. And…”

“Stop” I interrupted in a rash manner, “There’s no way Bisi can be pregnant. She is just sixteen and the last time I checked she was still a virgin, at least until Bade did his deed. She told me that, and my sister never lies to me, she tells me everything.”

With air of a professional, Lizzy continued, “If she doesn’t lie to you, the reasonable thing to do will be to ask her if she was seeing anyone. Will you?”

“Okay” I gave a sharp response and turned to leave; only to be halted by her voice, “Kunle, that’s not all.”

“What else?” I inquired desperately,

“Her womb is in a very bad shape. Chances are she might never be able to give birth again. I am sorry, I thought it was best you heard it from me first, Dr. Raymond will be here soon.” She walked back into the ICU and all I could do was whisper Bade’s name in a vengeful manner. I was grieved by the damage Bade had caused; he molested my sister and ruined her life. If I die today, that’s the end of my father’s lineage.

Calmly, I approached Bisi few hours later. Dr. Raymond broke the news to us before then. Initially he wouldn’t even allow me and Keji stay in the ICU while he did, he talked about the doctor-patient confidentiality, and expressed that we can only be a party to the conversation if Bisi permitted. She approved.

“Bisi, I need to know who is responsible for the pregnancy. But I can understand if you want to wait till you get discharged before telling me.”

“There’s no point waiting till then” she said as tears caressed her cheek.

“So, who is responsible?” I pressed further,

“You are responsible”

“What?” I chuckled,

“Yes, you are responsible because since mama died you were never there when we needed you. Where were you when Tayo was ill? Did you ever come home when I persuaded you to? Now, you care to know who is responsible for my misfortune. I will tell you brother Kunle.”

It was my fault that she was in this mess; I neglected her for too long. Guilt welled up within me, I wasn’t sure I needed the answer anymore, but it was quite late,

“Your friend wasn’t the first person to rape me. I left Akure with the hope that I was running to safety, only for me to find out my dear brother had snatched his friend’s girlfriend, and my already misplaced dignity was to be the price of his treachery.”

“I didn’t snatch Bade’s girlfriend. I didn’t”

“Even if I choose to believe you, it doesn’t matter anymore. It can’t undo what has been done. Can it?” She let out a smile that was accompanied by more tears,

“He came to me one of those nights I mourned mama. At first, it was a fatherly hug; then I felt his hands reaching for my breasts. I startled away from him spontaneously, he apologized but he did it again. I couldn’t run because he pinned my back to the wardrobe; he tore my pant and raided away my pride with his sword. Uncle raped me first, because you were never there for us.”

“Jesus!” I exclaimed,

“Oh, now you sound like him when he was done. Calling on Jesus and accusing the devil of satisfying his sexual urge, as if the devil was the one who raped me. He begged me not to tell you and when I told him I would tell his wife, he threatened to send me packing.”

“Bisi, I am so sorry. Please forgive me” I begged, ashamed of myself and filled with hate for my uncle.

“I forgave you a long time ago, I just hope you won’t push me back to his world, I never want to return there. Please,” she pleaded with me as she cried. I held her hands and promised to take good care of her, like my life depended on it. As for my uncle, I figured I was due to visit Akure; as for Bade, he was no longer worthy of my pardon.


I arrived home to find Kike lying on the bed. I hadn’t seen her all day, so I greeted her and went ahead to tell her about Bisi’s revelation. However, I noticed from her response that her countenance wasn’t bright. How could I have forgotten that she was sick?

“How are you? When was the last time you visited the doctor for your checkup?” I asked her in a caring manner. Despite my tribulations, I cared for her greatly. She possessed too much courage for a dying woman.

“I need to tell you something Kunle” she whispered aloud.

“What’s it? I am all ears” I replied in readiness to pay attention.

“Promise me you wouldn’t get angry” she proposed. I smiled, I wasn’t sure if whatever she was about to tell me could be as grave as what my uncle and my friend did to my sister. I promised.

“I am eight weeks pregnant, and I am very sure you are responsible. You don’t have to say anything.”

“Wow!” I scratched my scalp.

“I will be responsible for the pregnancy. I just need your support, and assurance that if I give birth before dying, you will be a good father. Can you do that for me?”

Speechless, I moved closer and kissed her, passionately.


The buzz of my vibrating phone woke me up, it was 6am in the morning and I was completely naked under the sheet, same as Kike. The caller was an unknown number,


“Fine boy, dey carry your yansh come here. I don catch your friend.”

Written by Femi Fragile (Twitter: @fragiletimbzz | IG: femifragile)

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