The House – 36 (R-18+)

The house

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SESAN…I did not need to check up on my dick, it was already screaming to be let free of my boxers prison. No rush, no rush… we had all the time in the world. I heard Seyi close the door behind me and with a quick short steps, she was standing right behind me.

I could feel her erect nipples piercing through the fabric of the towel and my shirt. Her hands wrapped around my waist and were finding their way to my belt buckle. I closed up my eyes and took a deep breathe. Baba, thank you for answering my prayers. Opened my eyes and let them stroll back to the missy on the bed, she looked up at me puffing out smoke. By the time I am done with her ehn, she no go even get the strength to light one up. Seyi got my belt buckle undone and dipped her hand into my boxers grabbing my rock hard dick.

“Oh boy, you are pretty heavy”…She said in a moan-like voice. On hearing that the lady on the bed sat up, her hand out of her pussy but still kushing though. I grinned to myself, baba na chairman o. Seyi turned around and knelt down before me, the sight not for mortal men, I thought to myself as I looked down at her as she kissed my dickcap which she had let out of its prison. She kissed at again before taking her time to stare at it, I was pretty sure she was wondering why that stupid Wahidi of a boy didn’t have this kinda dick. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he hears about this parole. Seyi went to work, taking my whole length into her mouth at once even though she was choking, I was getting the deep throat treatment of a lifetime. I closed my eyes and raised my head up to the ceiling as my brain started receiving signals from heaven, I opened up.

“Fuck”…I muttered…There was movement on the bed as the other girl got up and moved closer to us. She knelt by the edge of the bed and brought her lips to mine, I didn’t hesitate for a single second, I kissed her like it was going to be my last taking in puffs and more puffs of the kush she had been inhaling. She brought the wrap up and stopped kissing me, replacing her lips with the kush. I took a long drag as I let my hands round to that bountiful ass and squeezed hard. I didn’t exhale, rather I took my lips back to hers and kissed her deep exhaling in there and letting her also feel the good kush all this while Seyi had started sucking hard and fast on my dick. She was a real worker.she pulled it out of her mouth and spat on it,taking her time to jerk me fast. I understood she wanted me to cum quick and get the first round out of the way so there would be no excuses once that dick went into her pussy and I couldn’t but agree. Me and the missy continued our puff,puff,kiss and pass shii and Lord knows this was heaven. I could feel my dick about to com burst so I started moving my waist fast fucking Seyi’s face in the process making her choke on me once more. As I was about to cum, I withdrew my hands from the missy’s ass and held Seyi’s head tight as I filled her mouth with my cum, making sure she swallowed all before I pulled out and exhaled! damn…She pushed me away and i could see some of my sperm dripping down the side of her mouth. She was looking at me with fire in her eyes but I did not care,I simply turned around and headed to the bathroom. Once I was in,I started taking off my clothes.  Once naked, I took a well deserved shower. Stood for quite a while  under the running shower. This was one of those days a nigga could really understand why he was born. I turned off the shower and got out without bothering to use the towel,the AC in the room would do that for me. I got to the room and the sight before me further showed me why I was born sef.  Seyi was lying on the bed all naked now and the missy was sitting upright on her face getting a good eat out considering her facial expressions and moans. As she saw me come back into the room, she started bouncing and grinding Seyi’s face giving some really good pornstar expressions, she was putting on quite a show for me and man shall not fuck up. I leaned on the wall, arms folded across my chest and enjoyed the show while my dick came to life and started asking if and when I was going to join in the show. The moans were fast becoming screams and my dick stopped asking questions and started pointing in the direction it wanted to be led. I didn’t bugle, I wasn’t planning to until Seyi reached a hand down below and started finger fucking herself. Oh no that wasn’t going to happen under my watch, three steps forward and a leap and I was kneeling right between her legs. I grabbed each leg and flung them over my shoulders and after rubbing my dick on her a little. I dug in deep with a silent prayer remembering I had no condom on. She let out a cry from beneath Missy’s ass where her mouth was buried. I did not want to slow down not just when Missy was cumming all over Seyi’s face and whimpering, the scene and sounds were driving me crazy. I started fucking Seyi like a mad man as missy fell off her face and her shiny mouth came into view. I grabbed her boobs and started slapping them all the while fucking her good. Missy was lying off helpless,  her face to the wall..her ass to my line of sight. I was angry she wasn’t watching the show I was putting on for her and that rage was been poured out on Seyi’s pussy. Seyi was trying to reach out and pushed me away, I knew I was murdering that pussy and I was not going to be stopped, I closed her legs together having them held together on one of my shoulders and started fucking her even harder. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lips as she was about cumming, I could feel her pussy tightening up on my dick. I decided to pay her back and pulled my dick out in a hurry, replacing it with my tongue..she went over ..spilling her cum in trickles all over my mouth as I licked her dry. I gave her pussy a deep wet kiss before I got up. I looked to Missy and her ass was still in view. Time to fuck and spank some good ass. As i grabbed her ass ,raised it up and set it in formation..I said the lord’s prayer while slapping my dick on her ass and in true behavior,she was giving me those sounds again. I grabbed her with both hands by the waist and as I slid my dick into her,I knew right there and then I had just gone down the wrong hole.


Konigba was all fun than I expected, we were all drunk no doubt. Drunk to the extent that Benji and I were shaking hands and gisting. Well he did not know what I know and I wasn’t planning to let him know what I know because if he knows what i know, he might want to know how I know what I know. SENSE? NAH,I am drunk… Boka came in and gisted with us a little before going to buy a special  guys call “MATCH”. The thing about “Match” was that they only drank it when they were expecting a lady over and action was about to go down. It allegedly could keep your dick erect for hours(not that I had ever tried it) but then again what did Boka need “Match” for? Who was he going to fuck? He did not wait long,he got his match and us.


I was huffing and puffing, spanking and fucking as hard as I could..But no matter how much effort I put in, the truth was inevitable…I was in a well, My dick hanging in space…Even all the whining and moans she had been given me initially had stopped, the only sound I got from her now was a cry whenever I spanked her ass in anger. I think she knew how frustrated I was and she was just toying with me because she reached out for the stool nearby and picked up a ready rolled up kush and light her. SHE WAS KUSHING WHILE I WAS FUCKING HER?! What the hell? My anger evaporated and became depression.

 “You know I don’t even know your name”..I said in a low tone..I think she was about replying when there was a knock on the door. I stopped fucking her and listened, a knock again. I tunred around to look at Seyi who had dozed off right after her orgasm.

“Yes who is it?!” I shouted

“Na me Boka”…Ohh my savior, I jumped off the bed, my dick came out of the pussy with no friction whatsoever. I looked around and grabbed my jeans and got it on without boxers. Picked my shirt and threw it over my shoulders. I opened the door and stepped out into the corridor not letting Boka in.

“Make we dey go the hotel bar”…I said as I started getting my shirt on. He led the way with a black nylon in hand which i knew had match inside. Once we were at the bar, I quickly ordered a bottle of malt while Boka ordered for a small stout, God knows he is the one paying sha.

“Boka,you know say you be my padi”..I started the plot.

“Ehn wetin happen, no even think am. Wetin you wan ask?”..He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Calm down na, make I even land first” ..I feigned laughter.

“Because I know say na stupid thing you wan talk abi ask ni”..

“Idiot wey I wan dash you girl sef”..I hissed in fake annoyance.

“Ehen,you serious? The girl wan threesome ni,I ready o. fit pass Lampard sef”..His face lit up with smiles.

“No jor,no be Seyi her friend wey she invite. She dey room with us and she dey bored. If you see her yansh ehn,no be mouth none of those girls gor aso rock get that kain load”..I sweetened the talk.

“Then why you come make we sit down for bar first. Guy guy drink finish sharp sharp make we dey go back una room”..

“Calm down jare,na so pussy dey hungry you reach ni? one condition sha. Na the friend you go fuck o! You no go near Seyi”…

“Sesan,why you dey talk like this na.. pussy na body just different,oya oya drink sharp,you hold your Seyi,me hold the friend”..

I smiled as I collected the match from him and mixed with malt.

This was going to be one hell of a night…

Written By Bass ( Twitter – @bass_ige)

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