HELP! Someone is trying to blackmail ME

Usually i do this (if any) on Fridays but i got the message as a matter of urgency and the writer says she needs urgent advice. So i thought, “why wait till Friday to help someone in need of our 50kobo advice?” See the mail below:BLackmailElsie Dear Elsians, Someone is trying to blackmail me oo. Please put this on your blog. This is the message i got:

Gud morning tega Nelson now Mrs waters ,how are u?And how is ur baby doing too.And yea how is ur hubby too.I have some pics of u and a guy making love together on a bed.D pics were taken by d guy with his laptop some 3yrs ago @ ajah lagos.I hope u can remba now? Anyway i am told to send d pics to ur hubby’s mother Mrs waters…I feel so sorry for u bcos i dont know wat transpire btw u and d guy.If u hv anything to say b4 i carry on wat i was asked to do u can call me back afta u receive dis msg.08…………….

It was my name that was in the message, i only changed the names. Then here is the second message i got:

Do u want me to go ahead and send D Pics to ur Husband ur Family and d Entire World ova Linda Ikeji blog Facebook and i am not joking here I SWEAR TO GOD

Please help post urgently on your blog, Thank you. 

Then i asked her a few questions and from her response, i gathered that her mother-in-law is late and she suspects the message sender hacked her Facebook account to get all these information about her. She agreed she had a fling way back but it was more than three years ago and she wasn’t married but was dating her husband whom she dated for 5years before marriage.

What do you think? The deed has be done, lets put aside our judging cloth and give our advice. Kindly use the comment box. God bless!

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  1. Well judging never came to mind in this case.Anyone who judges others has really not taken time out for introspection. Sometimes these blackmailers could be bluffing,she should ask them to show her the pctures they say they have. One sore truth with blackmail is, once you start paying, it never stops, you become their maga for life. If she is sure she took compromising pictures from that relationship and is sure the guy is in possession of those pics, the best option is to come clean to her husband. That way they anticipate the repercussions together. Once her hubby and immediate family understand, its no one else’s business.Not saying its easy the easy way out, but 8 times out of 10, the truth is usually the best option.

  2. Tell the guy to go fuck himself! Blackmailers are the worst kind of slime. They feed off fear. If he wanted to do it then why is he even messaging her? My question is ‘what about the guy?, where is his hand in this if the pic was on his laptop?’ She should just chill out. Don’t even tell her husband anything. He should do his worst. I wouldn’t even respond once to reply such lunacy. And if Linda publishes that I am boycotting her. Hopefully she will be responsible enough to respect someone’s marriage.

  3. hmmmmmmmm. serious matter. she should tell her husband first and foremost about the blackmail. then she should request to see the pictures. sha, when she pays once, she would pay forever

  4. Talk 2 ur husband jare, but then tell d guy to go wank with aboniki balm.. Don’t let anyone blackmail u abeg.. But u need 2 carry ur husband along.. Even if u had a fling way back, what’s the haters business.

  5. Well Linda might not no the full story behind it so let’s not blame her if she publishes it. She’ll only publish what the blackmailer tells her. Not I also feel he is bluffing and has no such pictures. The first step will be to ask him to show you those pictures and you’ll agree to his terms. If he really does have them then he’ll show them to you and until then do not take any action. And if he has them then the truth will set you free. Talk to your husband about it. Everyone has a crazy past or have done something silly in his/her youthful age. I believe your husband will understand. Really blackmailers are blood suckers and they won’t stop until they bleed u dry. Take care

  6. There mite actuali b no story or pics dis mite jst b a trap or sumthng zs her to actuali nw blackmail herself, she shld jst act lyk she is nonchallant bout it, den ask to c d person nd ask wat he/she wants nd c d pics den if its tru, tlk to ur husband he wil b undastandin he wldnt say he didn’t hav a fling wen datin also, so tlk to him nd he wil surly tel u d rite thng to kno…..DO NOT fall for dis trick, cos sum1 mite actuali nw b lukin 4 a way to rili blackmail u. U sef y u snap pisure (˘̯˘ )

  7. This is a really sad case! First off, the only thing blackmailers have over there victim is “fear of exposure” and the only way to nutralize it that power is to take it away from him. Since this is not something that happened while u where married, it think the first step is to step up and let ur husband know wats goin on and inform the police, blackmail for monetry extorsion is a criminal offence! With the help of the police u can then play alone till u draw the punk out! But pls come clean wit ur husband first and hopfully he will understand…. And just incase he doesn’t, hearing for u first rather that dat punk won’t knock him off his feet! Wish u all the best

  8. I’ll go with what shugar said.. She should tell her husband, coz that’s the only way she can pull through this…it might seem difficult but in the end she’ll be grateful to God.

  9. This is not about love or trust or flings with a side-dude for whatever reason while dating your husband. This is a crime. Blackmail and extortion.1. Contact the guy you slept with. Let him know you are about to act with extreme force and if he knows anything about it, he needs get ready for what’s coming. And if he has no hand in it, he should know something is about to happen. so he can protect himself too.2. You have, if I am right, 2 phone numbers of the perpetrator. The one from which the messages were sent and the one quoted at the end of the 1st message. This is more than enough to find and arrest the perpetrator.3. Act now, act fast, with all you have. Squash this person.Blackmail only has 1 end after the 1st payment – murder.No matter how much you pay, they come back for more.

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