Hands - poem on elsieisy blog

By Stela Xega

We are like fire and water
We will never collide
But in my wicked fantasy
We are both the same

A interstellar bomb

Ready to explode
I’m tired, all this time
Running away, coming back
Peace is what i lack
All i can think about
Is resting on your chest
Feeling your hand on my head
And stay like that forever
Oh love, im so full of life
I can not be half loved.
I can not and i do not
Want to leave you
But i fear being in ruins again
Please never let me go
I miss you so
Let’s just say
The ones who give you
 the worst bruises
And leave you destroyed
Are the one who never literally
Touch you.
What if i tell you
You are in my dreams every night?
It is 4:59 it’s raining and i love you.
Just like James Blunt said
‘Everyone wants the flame
But they do not want to get burned’
But i’m willing to take the risk again
When i knew you,i realised
what it was like to stare at someone
With no limit of time
Just for the fun of it and never get bored
With eyes shining
lips smiling
heart crying
Why love’s gotta be so tragic?
I dream of a love like Romeo and Juliet
So pure and so hurtful
Dying for the one you love
Stabbing a knife right in the chest
Drinking the poison and enjoying it
Because it is not over
Afterlife is waiting for powerful lovers
To still dance together
That’s it.
Side Note——-You know what the best manner to break someone’s heart? just for the record
– fill them with love and then leave.

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