Habits that cause pot belly

Pot belly is a very annoying something. It takes discipline, hard work, consistency and endurance to get rid of pot belly when you allow it grow. So you can agree with me that it’s better to watch your habits and avoid pot belly rather than trying to get rid of it.

Below are habits that cause pot belly:

  1. Excessive FoodI see people sit and eat a portion of food I can have for 3meal at a go and I wonder if it’s a competition. Some are do skip their breakfast then hope to eat their breakfast and lunch at the same time. These tactics always backfire. When you skip breakfast, you’ll get even at lunchtime. This revenge factor that usually makes you go crazy and over lunch. This is also what makes the number of fat that gather in your stomach. Try to control your appetite by eating small portions of food or medium size. Guaranteed in this way does not make your stomach stretched and cause fat deposits.

  1. Dining Late at NightWhile it’s true that your body naturally burns some flab as you sleep, it might not be able to efficiently do so when you go to bed on a full stomach. Aside from causing belly fat, eating late and reclining on a full stomach increases your risk of developing acid reflux and indigestion, since gravity is no longer able to pull everything in your tummy straight down. To prevent these conditions, consider eating smaller meals at night and don’t lie down for at least three hours after dinner. If possible, just snack on fruits in case you feel a bit hungry at night instead of raiding the fridge for sweet desserts to satisfy your craving.
  2. Consuming Low-Fat Foods More OftenSome people assume that high-fat foods and drinks lead to more fat storage in your belly. Women will often shy away from foods such as meat, fish and various types of milk because these foods contain lots of calories and fat. But the fact is, these kinds of foods are protein sources that can help increase your metabolism to fend off the coming problems protruding belly. The truth is, monounsaturated fats are not bad for you. If anything, foods such as avocados, olive oil and seeds work well in eliminating belly fat. Be wary of too many low-fat foods, since manufacturers often add sugar to these items. And you know what that means – the more sugar you have in the body, the greater your chances of storing more body fat. You might think that choosing sugar-free yogurt, diet sodas or snacks that contain less fat and low in calories can help you reduce fat deposits. But according to some versions of nutritionists say that eating foods with sugar content corresponding believed to trigger your metabolism to increase fat storage.
  3. Eating When Sad, Angry or UpsetDo you find yourself eating absent-mindedly when your emotions are at their peak? The next time you catch yourself doing this, try to snap out of it before you end up eating a whole chicken and fries. Emotional eating does nothing to make you feel better. If there’s anything you can get from this habit of eating whenever you’re upset or stressed out, it’s just hideous belly fat. The best way to combat this response to stress is by drinking a glass of water, talking to a friend, or taking a relaxing walk. Choose an activity that doesn’t involve eating, so you can stop yourself from loading up on extra calories when you’re feeling emotional.
  4. Eating too much breadThe high insulin content in the bread could trigger the occurrence of obesity is increasing gradually, and allows increased fat in the abdomen. Better consumption of rice, oatmeal, or whole wheat tortillas (wheat flour) once a day, guaranteed not to increase abdominal fat.

  1. Alcoholic BeveragesBeverage alcohol has many calories. So that when you celebrate binge, nutritionists would say, basically it can invite the fat deposits in your abdomen. If you want alcoholic beverages would prefer red wine, because based on the research, consuming red wine can erode the fat in the abdomen.

  1. Depriving Yourself of SleepIdeally, adults should get about seven to nine hours of sleep each night. When you fail to get enough sleep, your level of cortisol (stress hormone) increases and causes you to crave sugary foods. With that in mind, it’s harder to get rid of belly fat when you keep the habit of not getting enough sleep regularly. To maintain normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol, try your best to attain the recommended hours of sleep every night. This way you can balance your cortisol levels while boosting production of leptin, a type of hormone that causes you to control your appetite.
  2. Lack of ExerciseAccording to World Health Organization, our Body requires balanced diet, rest and exercise to function effectively. But many at time we fail to exercise our bodies regularly which results to accumulation of unwanted fat. According to research, exercise is the fastest way of losing weight, shaping up and staying healthy. A little trekking, jogging, skipping, push ups and advanced work out can do the magic.9. Not Getting Enough Protein in Your Regular DietHave you been depriving your body of protein-rich foods? Generally, healthy adults should consume at least 20 to 25 grams of protein in each meal, although this depends on your activity level and body size. Men in particular should get an additional 10 grams of protein with every meal to ensure excellent health. By increasing your protein intake, you can balance out your blood sugar while reducing insulin levels to promote a faster metabolic rate. What’s more, protein helps control hormones that increase your appetite, so you can slim down naturally. To power up your daily meals, consider eating high-protein foods such as ricotta cheese, shellfish, turkey, skinless chicken, salmon and eggs. These are your best options because of their low fat and high protein content – a great combination for slimming down and shaping up!So you want to maintain that flat tummy and a more gorgeous body? Just be sure to avoid these bad habits. Stay subscribed for how to get rid of pot belly next Monday.

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