Friday night thoughts

grateful thoughtHi darlings. So I am here sitting with my laptop and bored on a Friday night. I think I have a really boring life, because this is basically what I do every Friday. Is it? I am not very sure anymore.

If reading a lot online and networking can be classified as a bored life, then so be it. A blogger played a very cool prank on me (and some other readers I guess) today. Very cool. Kudos to her. You want to know what she did. I will tell you, you know I am not that secretive. LOL.

She tweeted a link at me o, and as usual, I went to read as madam reader of Lagos. The title she gave the article captured me and I was so curious to know what she was going to talk about. Truth is, I started reading, was enjoying it, balanced well to get into the story, I was even playing the story out in my head at a point, until low and behold…..I realized it was a dream. I laughed at myself. But the good thing about the post was that it got me thinking for about 10 seconds. Yeah, 10 seconds. And believe me, she did good to get me thinking for 10 seconds, because I don’t dwell on issues I have no power over for that long. No time!

She asked and I quote, “How would you rather meet your future husband?

After 10 seconds, I agreed over again with the comment I dropped there earlier. I really don’t care how I meet my future husband. It’s in God’s hands and all I know is, there will be a meeting! Shekena.

Or do you have a special place you would want to meet your spouse? Share with us by using the comment box.

I am also using this post to thank two special people. Tope Sally Olofin ( and Cyril Ikem Ede. Sally has made blogging fun for me and trust me when I say she has been a good friend and an awesome coach. Her tips work like magic and she has even become my fan. It’s not every day you get your coach to be a fan, Smug*. You had better buzz her for blogging tips ( @toperants ) if you really want to get serious with blogging (Serious blogging I mean, not gossip). And God bless Cyril for me. Thank you for being a friend and o yes I am super Jealous of your girlfriend. Thank God my mother taught me not to snatch people’s boyfriend 😀

They have been really awesome and I pray God bless you both abundantly.

There are so many other awesome peeps in my life but Tope and Cyril own today, get over your jealousy already. :p

Thanks for reading this already. And thanks to my blog readers and followers. I love you all tooooo much.

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  1. Your most welcome Elsie but I gotta say friendship goes both ways,so thank you for being you..Cheers!

  2. – I’m jealous too!Lol, I’d like to meet my husband in a relaxed atmospher sha, not anywhere special. He could be my knight in shining armour too, maybe save me from a tense case.And, get over your boredom ma’am! 😉

    1. Hahahaha…you be correct dreamer. I pray your dream happens o. Just finished Brazil Columbia match o. I’m not that bored jare

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