Four reasons to Masturbate


It’s something people don’t talk about but almost everyone does it and you know how it is on Elsieisy’s blog – As long as it is practiced by an individual, then it’s up for discussion. I started researching on the health benefits of masturbation after a discussion on Elsieisy’s Facebook group. Some quoted the bible, some quoted science while others were sitting on the fence like me. All in all, I laughed my head out. Someone even went on to imply ‘ejaculation’ is a sin….hehehehehe. Don’t ask me, join the Facebook group to ask him. I guess no one can categorically tell you masturbation is a sin with real prove and no one can tell you it’s good or bad. Just like every other thing, there are advantages and disadvantages. Today I will be sharing some of the advantages (i will definitely share more soon 😀 ) I found during my research. Science has shown that masturbating can provide plenty of health benefits.A Clinical sexologist, Gloria Brame, Ph.D., says, “Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life. It’s totally safe and harmless. It’s healthier than brushing your teeth every day.”Watch video below, I can testify to the 2nd reason though… #FlipsHairAndWalksAway

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  1. Elsiey…you are too exposed to be a Nigerian. In Nigeria we only see the world with the eyes of our culture hence the reason for different views. Anyway I love your open mindness. Keep it up!

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