Faking it and other such foul play

Faking it

 We have all heard of the female orgasm. Ever so sought after, ever so elusive. For some women it takes only a few strokes to get the water works flowing, for others you had better be on a high carbohydrate diet because Lord knows you will be needing it. And there are ones cursed to frustrate the male ego. Stroke as you may, not today son, not today. Now I am tempted to divert this into a sex education lesson but my prudish nature is revolting so rather than sharing some of my most prized secrets of ways to conquer the fountain of bliss I will address the issue of faking it.

Now the average guy will say ‘don’t fake it. If it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t happen’. But the truth is over a period of time the inability to make a woman reach orgasm can make a guy really question his sexual proficiency. It doesn’t help matters when you know this girl can arrive with the use of a toy or other self-servicing methods. This feeling can leave a man with a deflated ego and believe it or not, it has driven men into cheating just to ascertain that they have the tools and skills it takes to get a woman to nirvana even if only for a few minutes.

So the truth is faking very much has its role to play in the drama that is sex. It is no different from moaning, shouting words of encouragement (yes yes, William, right there, don’t stop, fu*k me…etc). If a girl really wanted to, she could sit still through a session or at least stay mute. A guy can grab the paper while you are on top and pretend to be completely absent minded. But we don’t do this because to enjoy sex the show must go on. Some people extend these shows to role plays, communicative dirty talking (who own this pu**y?) like you have a name tag on it. But for that moment she will tell you that you even own her soul.

All in all, while faking should be avoided as a constant practice, it is not such a bad idea to give a guy the impression that he has done a good job, especially when you are ready to tap out. Climax is not always a good measure for how great a session was, but it is certainly used as a milestone when it does occur. So ride on (pun intended) and keep making the world go round. Guys, it is not always your fault that she isn’t arriving…maybe you are not on her level of “freakiness”…or her mind is else where…or it’s just a biology thing…or its the liquor in her system. So don’t be too hard on yourself (the puns keep coming).

P.S Men fake it too…better ask somebody.

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