For better, for worse?

I keep telling people that the things I hear on daily basis is way more than the things I experience. Real life gists o. I will try as much as I can to share the gist with my amebo partner (you) the best way I can.

So I have this acquaintance (sorry I use this word a lot, the word ‘friend’ means a lot to me) of mine. We talk about different things, ranging from landlady wahala, to work stress/issues and waiting for the right man. Have I ever told you guys my acquaintances/friends are mostly older than I am? Little wonder why I cherish any friend within my age group who can actually keep up with me. I am not weird o! Ehen

As I was saying before the unnecessary explanation interrupted. This acquaintance of mine told me about a friend of hers. They became friends from university days thus the journey so far.

This friend of hers which for the purpose of this amebo wey dem no send me will be called Bukky.

Bukky was studying in university then, she was those kind of friends who you just watch their life go smooth and you tend to wonder what witchery hand the woman who brought you out of your mama’s womb had before handing you to your mother. Or what sort of water was used on you for the first time. You begin to ask God to tell you why your own matter must carry the sun, the moon and the star to be noticed.

Bukky met a guy on one of their outings while they were still in 100level. He approached her for a relationship and before the completion of 100level he bought her a car. Bukky had a car just by having a boyfriend, nothing special, nothing odd. Most girls in the campus started having ‘Aristos’ just to compete with Bukky but her friends knew all about her and was truly happy for her.

While they went on holiday to resume a new session, Bukky got the stone on her middle finger. The same prince charming asked her to marry him. By the end of 200level, Bukky became a married woman. What else could a lady ask for? We would all agree that life was definitely smooth for Bukky. Her husband loved her so much and provided all she needed.

Fast forward 2years into the marriage, Bukky’s husband fell very ill. His health situation worsened to the extent that a Banky W turned to a tuface (size wise o). it was terrible, family members and friends were already expecting the news of his death. Doctors carried out series of test but was unable to diagnose his sickness.

For Bukky, the fortunate news for her was the fact that there was no child. Apparently, the guy wanted her to be through with her degree before involving a child. In his opinion, Marriage plus Childbearing and studying would be too much for his baby. Bukky told her friends she wasn’t ready to become an untimely widow. Her friends did and said everything to make Bukky change her mind but her mind was made up.

She left her loving husband, moved out of the house for her service year (NYSC). Her husband pleaded with her not to leave him. He begged people around him to try reach her until she changed her number. Friends and family got tired of the issue and decided to keep mute.

Bukky finished serving and was hired by a reputable company where she not only earn a monthly fat salary but was in a position where she could get triple of her salary in a month as sideways incentives (abi na egunje..i no know). Bottomline is, Bukky was a big girl. She rented a 2bedroom flat in the heart of Lagos – Surulere, furnished to taste, had two cars and traveled out of the country as frequent as I got to Lekki. (warefa, just figure that out or take it like that)

Meanwhile, her husband got better and re-married. This time he went back to the woman whom he knew loved him so much but never gave her attention. He learned to love her back and she got pregnant for him.

Now Aunty Bukky, is 35 years old, has a good job, a big house and now tells the acquaintance of mine that she is search of a good man.

Don’t think my acquaintance is an amebo like me o, the gist only came up from another gist like that.

Now, I really want to know your opinion, do you think Bukky made the right decision? Now that she is looking for a ‘good man’, what kind of man exactly is good? I thought love and married is supposed to be through thick and thin…i am confused o. My people, what saith thee?

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  1. I think Bukky’s type are those dat would end up getting married to a man torture, lie, finish Bukky’s money and would end up not having affection for her

  2. People always mistake having money as an evidence that they are living the life. Never wanting to understand what it means to have love our hearts and give it out without fail as it is the only valuable thing we can ever give out

  3. No way, from what I read though what she did was not good, its not unforgivable. I understand he begged her but you don’t know the sort of pressure she was under from her own home. She was young and she made a mistake, everybody makes them at one time. An undiagnosed illness, very few women will stay trust me, that’s the issue. sometimes I find people are quick to judge others

  4. Karma! Oh, how I love thee! I don’t see aunty Bukky finding a good man anytime soon though. Well, shiloh… That’s the height of ungratefulness really. I mean, haba! She for wait make he die first nah. Smh! But Elsie, you sef too dey do amebo o *rotfl*

  5. Nowadays marriage is for better for stay, for worse U waka. Well, Aunty Bukky will be found in every Shiloh, MFM program, Redemtion Camp e.t.c. In the name of searching 4r husband, may God help the unfortunate man dat jams her.

  6. We shouldn’t be too hard on this Bukky. She got married in 200level, so young. And then her husband had an unidentifiable illness, she could have thought it’s spiritual and got scared. Yes you should stick with your spouse through thick and thin, we’ve all made poor decisions under pressure, hopefully she will get a man again and do right by him.

  7. Well….I guess aunty Bukky was young, scared n wanted the best out of life, she never was prepared 4a storm n she went running when one came! Thank God she did well for herself but she didn’t understand the essence of marriage then, she was one with the man already and shuda stayed…..anyways my advise to her is to get in touch with the man n beg for forgiveness because the man was nice and loving but she couldn’t be there for him and that’s cruel. He was good n she was mean 2him at his lowest….she needs forgiveness from him! Simple!

  8. Bukky will have to settle for the devil himself. Cos I knw mr Karma is already preparing to visit her. That’s just d height of being ungrateful

  9. I will just waka pass. But we should know that there are two sides to a coin. Let’s hear her story before we all throw out stones…

  10. What a touching story!!! however this is exactly what the concept of “for better, for worse” is all about. The moment you say your ” I dos” you have made a commitment to be with your partner in the good times,the bad and ugly. I see Bukky as an immature lady who had no experience and probably thought life was a bed of roses . Unfortunately, Even roses have thorns.

  11. Well aunty Buky learn from ur mistake, ask him for forgiveness n pray God gives u a second chance n do right by him this time.

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