A dirty makeup brush can paralyze you for life

The Story Of How A Dirty Makeup Brush Paralyzed This Woman For Life Will Turn You Into A Neat Freak

I have never really taken makeup brush washing serious but I swear I will change….I mean I have changed sef.

According to Yahoo, 27-year-old Jo Gilchrist was fine and healthy when she asked to borrow a friend’s makeup brush to cover a pimple. Magazines always tell us not to share makeup brushes or eye makeup, and always to keep everything clean, but a lot of us don’t really listen. Gilchrist probably wishes she had, because not long after that, she started having back pain. At first she thought it was just the normal sort of back pain a lot of us have from poor posture or too much sitting, but then it became debilitating. She could not get out of bed, and she says the pain was worse than childbirth.

The pain started spreading to the rest of her body, and doctors were worried that she would be left unable to breathe on her own. At that point, doctors discovered that she was suffering from MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection that had done so much damage to her spine by the time it was caught that doctors say she will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

When magazines tell us about the importance of cleaning makeup brushes, I assumed the worst that could happen was maybe a pimple or pinkeye or something, not a life-threatening infection that could cost a person the use of her legs forever. It’s terrible. I will be cleaning my makeup brushes tonight, and possibly every night hereafter.

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  1. Na lie abeg! What has the cheek got to do withwith the spine? Let’s say I agree, her condition was caused by using another person’s brush. #myopionion

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