#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – Day 24.

Extremists are extraordinary sets of people. They act odd in the society and hold extreme views.

Extremists can be in form of an individual or a group of people connoting the same idea. They are mostly found in a political setting as they attack with words supported with clear evidences. They advocate the replacement of democracy with a more authoritarian mode of rule/management.

Their ideology is far outside mainstream attitudes of a society, they violate common morals. The context in which extremists speak is beyond the ordinary. Their words sounds commanding, they believe in whatever they say as the right option to follow. I see particles of pride swimming in the fact that they do not wholly follow the rules being laid down by the authority but have their own view of things around them.

They apply violent means. Some extremists are often viewed as cohesive and consistently evil. Their words weigh so much power that they would never let them lie but rise to attack until those words are recognized.

Not everyone accommodate their acts/ideas. The only set of people that are more likely to employ those acts are the marginalized people(those who push or sends other people away) and those who view more normative forms of conflict engagement as blocked for them or biased.

In a religious gathering, they can cause an uproar at any time. In this case, it is mostly in the individual form as they rebel with too many questions to justify themselves. Extremists being wrapped in a religious clothing are a bit different from those in the society as they would express themselves religiously; supporting their words with the holy book. They ensure the gathering doesn’t get disordered before time even though it eventually would.

As extremists would do things extremely; managing resources in the community effectively isn’t their style. When others seek for effective management, they make it look bigger than it ought to; making others think they are absurd. They can be irritating to the economy as they would never cease to act as advocates.

Extremists as an individual would go against a rule due to their own reasons and the way they view things. Their views lie at the extreme.

Extremists as a group in the society seems opposite to the authority which births conflict. Their view of things is different from the norm.

They can be very useful in the sense that they can speak on one’s behalf or for the nation; their points are not always irrelevant. They can also be experts in court matters as they lack not words.

They are odd.

Oluwatosin Kolawole

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