Excapades Of A Social Media Addict – 7 (R-18+)

Adventures Of A Social Media Addict (R-18+)

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I continued staring at the ceiling as Salewa slept off on me. Kept thinking what sort of crazy life I was living, this was the sort of nights you only wish for or read about. And yet here I was, naked with a girl on me and 3 other naked girls out in the living room. Fuck! My phone and wristwatch weren’t anywhere close…I hated this sort of thing.

I moved Salewa slightly off my chest, placed a pillow underneath her head and walked off to the living room. Everywhere was quiet now. Looked around as usual…Cindy had slept off with Suberu’s limp dick in her hands (lucky guy) but the idiot was snoring. Shade had folded up in a corner and was enjoying her sleep too…her backside down to her ass as inviting as ever.. I could feel my dick getting hard…not tonight bro, we have had enough. No sign of Amina or Dodoyo. Hmm they don shift match go room…nice. I picked up my jeans, pulled my phone out…checked around for my wallet…found it, put it back in my jeans…this was one hell of a night.

Walked back to the room, got back on bed. Salewa rolled over and had her boobs on me…I sure was having the night of my life…gracefully sleep called. Woke up around 5am with red eyes (lack of proper sleep) and a hard on. Who wouldn’t wake up with one when you have a naked girl sleeping on you?

Looked at my phone…fucking dead battery…shit, probably get another phone soon. Got up and walked off to the bathroom. Turned on the shower and as usual just stood underneath it and let the water run.. Sighs, what sort of life was I living? Right now, I wasn’t missing Lagos again!

Must have been under the shower for 10mins or more when the door suddenly opened and there was Shade with a towel around her.

      “Oo sorry, I thought some left the shower on” she said.

      “Oo, its noting jare…just like the water”

“I can tell…what kinda guy are you though? You are still hard after all that fucking”

She was staring at my dick and giggling…what sort of dick is this? E suppose get brain na.

“Well maybe I didn’t get enough fuck”, I didn’t even think before saying it.

“Oya na, let’s finish this”

With that she rolled her towel off. Amadioha of the 7seas, she was as tempting as sin… She came towards me as I stepped away from the shower. I started calculating…felt like sucking that pussy of hers but then again I wanted to get out of here and get home as early as possible. She was kissing and biting my nipples now while she stroked my dick. My hand was on her backside now which was getting very wet since I didn’t turn off the shower.

Let’s just get this over with. I pulled her up and turned her around…she giggled loudly…she placed her hands on the wall without me asking…the good thing about fucking tall girls, I don’t have to bend too much. I spread her legs from behind and entered her once again…her tightness was really not of this world (reminded me of the soap girls back in school used to tighten their vagina, abi na wetin she dey use sef be dat).. I started thrusting into her fast and hard…I just wanted to cum and get this over with.

Her moaning started I bent low and kissed behind her neck…cupped her breast from underneath. Her nipples were more pointed than that useless compass we used back in secondary school.

As fast as I was going, there was no sign of me cumming in sight. And yet her moans were getting louder. I trailed my hand down to her ass, spanked it and stuck a finger straight up her asshole! She came on the spot! Her pussy gripping my dick tighter than ever…and yet I didn’t cum. She was going limp and now resting on the wall..breathing heavily. And my dick was still in her…I leaned against her… Squeezed her ass and kissed behind her neck once again. Stepped properly underneath the shower, let the water run. I pulled my dick out of her still hard. I let the water run all over then I stepped out of the bathroom. Walked back to the room, Salewa was awake going through her phone, I just walked up to her kissed her forehead as she smiled and I started getting my clothes on.

      “You are running ni?” She asked

“Nah, have to help grannie get something this morning” my usual lie.

“Oo ok..thanks for last night tho”

      “Are you whining me ni? I should be thanking you, your friends are pretty crazy” I said as I laughed.

Reached over and rubbed her pussy.

“MAYOWA! You sha want to die” she yelled at me.

“Hehehehe! Better if you kill me na..ping me during the day”.

Walked to the living room. Dodoyo was sitting on the couch, cup in hand..a bottle of Alomo nearby. Maybe the boy was such a dunce after all..Cindy and Suberu were still in the same position I saw them earlier.

      “Baba, you don dey move ni?” Dodoyo asked as he saw me.

      “Yes, I get a few errands to run this morning”

      “Confirm, omo I gbadun your parole oo..we go still dey hook up”

“Nothing do you” I said as I shook his hand.

Thank God he didn’t ask for my pin or number..let’s keep the famzing at this level. Or maybe he was waiting for me to ask for his. No chance in hell..I still didn’t see Amina till I stepped out of the house…it was almost 6:30am.

Seriously I was now enjoying lbadan and not missing Lagos again. This was the shit I thought as I walked down to the road to pick a cab. Finally got one. A smile was on my face as I sat down and enjoyed the ride to my bus-stop. All the things that happened last night just kept flashing, just then I remembered the way Salewa and I met. Who would actually believe all that had happened? Apparently there were more than enough wild girls out there but the problem was knowing the right ones.

Got to my bus-stop, got off and started trekking home..now I was feeling fatigued. Thank God the gate was open this time, Grannie was always a early-riser. I walked in..saw her and greeted her. She replied and shook her head..yea, yea Grannie I know you don’t approve of my lifestyle but it aint my fault. Went straight to my room, kicked my slippers off and fell on bed. Christ I so so needed to sleep. I could feel footsteps coming towards my room.

      “Mayowa”..Popsi’s voice

      “Sir, good morning..how are you feeling” I said without getting my face off my pillow.

      “Fine fine, been trying to call you earlier to come home quick”

      “Oo my fone’s off, battery low”

      “Oo ok, I though you had an extra battery”

      “That one’s dead too” what does pman want ooo!

      “Ok, start packing this morning, we are going back to Lagos today”

WAT!!!! Lagos ke abi I didn’t hear properly?! Now wey ibadan don dey make sense!

“Lagos? What for” sleep clear sharply for my eyes.

“The physiotherapist called yesterday, they have accommodation ready”.

Ooo fuck. This wasn’t fair at all…no no way! I can’t believe I am saying this but Ibadan was feeling like home! I sat up in bed and faced the wall.

Written by Bass (Twitter – @bass_ige)

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