4 Reasons Why Giving Up Should Never Be Your First Resort

4 Reasons Why Giving Up Should Never Be Your First Resort - elsieisy blog

Giving up is something I do not know how to do. Of course I admit that there are exceptional cases where the wise decision to make is giving up, either in business or personal relationship. Knowing when to let go, give up or hold on, is a gift not bestowed on everyone but we all have the gift of life, therefore, we must make decisions. All I am saying is, giving up should never be your first resort.

When you want to try out new ideas/projects, there will be that very strong urge to give up. You wonder why it is giving up when you have not even started anything. I will explain;

Whatever you are going to do or become, it starts from within, it doesn’t start the day you talk to anyone about it. It starts the day that idea was conceived. The day you were inspired. The day you found a need to solve, the day you realised something everybody around you have not thought of figuring out. That’s the day it starts. Many of us pay less attention to days like that, we do not even celebrate it. We tend to celebrate the days we are able to bring forth the idea whereby 2 or more people can see and relate with what you have nursed and dreamt about for days, months and in some cases – years. I am of the opinion that for any successful business or idea, if the conceiver was not able to fight the ‘within’ battle, then nothing would have been done. It’s the greatest battle to fight.

You fight fear, doubt, anxiety…you get to also fight the person in the mirror. You battle with – ‘I can do it’ and ‘No, I can’t do it’. Until you are able to win these inner battles, you will never be able to do anything.

If you are able to defeat the inner battle then I do not see any reason to give up.

  1. You have conquered the hardest part

They say the beginning is always is the hardest and it’s no lie. The battles I have described above seems very easy to read but trust me when I say, it is the hardest. Before now, you probably think the beginning of an idea is when you start moving round, talking with people, getting funds and going through every huddle a start-up business/idea goes through. But no. The beginning is within. The beginning is conquering the inner battle. Once you are able to settle yourself within, nothing outside will stop you or push you to give up. You would have answered the right questions and discovered the purpose behind your idea.

  1. The farther you journey, the better it becomes.

It will always get better with time. As long as you take calculated steps, one at a time, it always gets better. You reach mile stones and keep superseding them. You break new barriers and set new goals, always. The best part is, you become better at what you do and gradually, you grow into an authority in your own world.

  1. With great success comes hard work

Nothing good comes easy. If you are going to be successful, you have to work hard for it. The good life is like cream and it stays on top. So doing all you can to climb to the top is all you need to focus on. It will get rough, lonely, sad, painful…but remain focused as you will always be one step closer to your dream.

  1. Success feels great!

When you work hard at something and it becomes successful, there will never be a better feeling. You look back at the obstacles you went through, smile from within and relax. This feeling is one feeling you should be willing to experience. It takes you to a place of peace and self-confident, a place where you are inspired to achieve greatness for as long as you live.

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  1. my take away from this inspirational piece is …the farther the journey, the better it becomes…

  2. This was something i needed to read today. It reminded me that my strength lies within not what is around me. Thank you

  3. Success feels great!!really it does..so when I remember this,giving up is not an option. Thanks for the words!

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