An Ode to Love

The rhythm to my soul
The word that cracks me open
Spilling every bit of happiness in me

The only thing I crave to feel
Every morning when I wake up
And every night when I sleep

The one that makes me subconscious
Ignoring everything around me
Only focusing on one thing

The one that makes my heart beat abnormally
Making me do things carelessly
But not minding whatever damages

Who opens only something in me understand
Even when I thought I could keep it hidden
You somehow discovered it

I love you without knowing how
I love you without problems or pride
Before I sleep you’re on my mind
I never stop thinking about you day and night
I dream of us being alone on earth

Our love being intertwined like roots
We are two plants growing together
People say lovers meet somewhere
I say we were in each other all along

Love knows no shame
I’ll fight for you through fire and rain
I love you to the level of every day’s
I love you purely, as they turn from praise
I would love you till I take my last breath
And if God choose, I shall love you better after death

I love you not because of who you are
But because of how I feel when I’m around you.
I love you past all your flaws
I knew what love was when I couldn’t fall asleep
Because reality was finally better than my dreams
I love staring at your face
Cause there’s not a thing I would change
If anyone ever asked me what love is
I’d tell them it is like everything I lost came back to me

You might have not been my first love
But I hope our love is eternal.
I love your lips on my body
i love your body on top of mine
With your body so young and warm in my arms
Lit with an immense passionate fire
I love how you whisper with your breath ‘more’
As I ride you like a horse into the sunset.
I crave you in me
As you thrust in motions
One whiff of your scent
And I’m face deep in your crotch
Your naked body is a beautiful piece of art
I worship your body and don’t overlook an inch
As I bow down and submit.
I sometimes fantasise about you
As you strip me naked and handcuff me
Tasting you, smelling you, no rules, no regrets
Give me all of that 50 shades
Don’t call me crazy
It’s just a fantasy.
Roses are nice, violets are fine
I’ll be the six if you’ll be the nine
My weaknesses are your kisses and hands on my neck
Neither of which I could ever refuse not for a dare
You are my heaven and my hell
I’d lay in bed breathless
Waiting to get the feeling back in my leg
We are moving in rhythm
Neither of us speaking
Until after we hit
An incredible peak
We pant in satisfaction
Both blown away
By the fire we both generate
Like a match hitting a hay.

When we are in public
I touch you with my mind
Touch you until you give me a smile
Lay me down and get ready to play
Do you have the energy cause I got all day.
i will love you to the depth, breadth and height
My soul can reach when feeling out of sight
How many loved your moments of glad grace
And loved your beauty with love false or true
But remember this that I loved the pilgrim soul in you
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.
I’d love you till forever
Even if that seems like a long time

About the Poet
Dada Oyinkansola is a poet and a student of Babcock University. She enjoys writing at her free time and talking with people.

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