Hello darlings, been a while. I had to give myself a little break after the #SayNoToRape writers/Bloggers Campaign, it was needed. My birthday came between this break and i am using this medium to thank my Family, Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances, Well wishers, Admirers, Lovers, and Fans for a wonderful birthday. I wish i could share my gifts with you all but am just too lazy to upload pictures. And to those that made the birthday gift in cash, una will last a very long time. 😀 I also got a sweet  birthday post from a blogger and a friend. Click here to read and tell if you think he is right, wrong or didn’t say enough. 😉 Thank you OluFemi Fragile So i decided to try something new on Today’s matter – Econo-mizing. Listen or Download below.Thanks to @907Concept for helping me put this together. Please don’t forget to Comment what you think. Thank you. Love Always :*Elsieisy.comKindly subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.Got something you want us to talk about or feel like sharing?? Send your topics/articles to or .. Anonymous or decide 

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  1. This post reminds me of p square’s chop my money.. If he wants 2 spend it, help him… Don’t form a good girl when you aint one…. Bt then, moderacy is a necessity… Hehehe

  2. finally!!!!! now, i can talk! i listened to this post and all i could say was, ‘my sub’….I have been building houses for other girls to occupy fa. lol…… Thank you Elsie, i have learnt a good lesson!

  3. ROTFLMFAO!!!! Ehya… “Don’t drag him back to Surulere….Go to Surulere your types are there…it is not fight!!” ……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i just cant stop laughing.So you’ve been helping me spend instead of save huh? God haff catch you.Cough Cough…Now Seriously….There’s a good one. Nice idea… might birth a series of “ELSIE SAYS”Room for improvement tho…(will tell you in the room later..he he).Me dey vex with you sha.

    1. Lol. Thank you. Thank you. and thanks for the ‘Elsie says’ suggest, i lovey it. oya Lets settle in the room.

    1. Ok. I dont know what part of this post this comment is for, but thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

  4. wow… this is really lovely….but seriously where are the girls you are speaking against, we guys like to show off to our girls to make them feel the Queen that they are…but we like girls that help us save for the future.. i call girls like these {Long term girls} irreplaceable the kind of girl very guy would want as a wife…she is very far from been cheap. ask most guys they will tell you it is very expensive to find “Econo-mizing girls” but those other kind of girls that will help in spending very bit of our cash in the name of treating them like a Queen are just most time for fun {short term girls} can always be replace at anytime cos people like her are everywhere, very cheap girls who sell them self for money just that some of them don’t stand on the road side…..But Elsie you talk show is really great ……you got me laughing all day…it is awesome, welcome back have been looking for these part of you …so funny, i give a bow :* 10/10 ….lol

    1. I hear you o. But no b una? you guys say A and do B, that’s confusion i guess? but i don’t want to believe you guys are confused. you guys actually know what you want abeg. anyways, thanks for reading and i am glad i made you laugh.

  5. Mbok, you girls should make your money and spend it jare! my money is money and your money is your own…. Kilode gannn? very soon all of una go dey shout gender equality everywhere! it is my money and if she wants to manage it for me, the better sef. But on a more serious note, Once a guy is stupendously rich, me never see babe wey no go follow spend am well oh. A babe only care about your savings if she loves you genuinely and planning a future with you even if it is just in her head. But all these babes wey full outside now, una just wan chop money and clean mouth, and now go and brag for your friends that “can you imagine Chris paid Business class for me to visit Obudu and he lodged me in a presidential hotel for 4 days, and he didn’t even know the colour of my pant, as a sharp babe, I just tell am say I dey do menstruation and i touched him, then when i was leaving for Lagos, he gave me 80k as inconvenience allowance…bla bla blah…” me go just appear… shout.. “taaaaaaaaaaaah” wake up from that dream!

    1. “planning a future with you even if it is just in her head.” That’s the part that interests me in your comment. 🙂 thanks

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