Day 1-The story of Love


(The purest of Love begins in Friendship)

From a distance he could see her admiring nature. Her long curly hair responding to the cool breeze. The lovely garden in Victor’s compound is just about the type to help stress management once you ready to let go. He walks towards her as calmly and fast as possible. Hugs her from behind.

‘Hey babe, how you doing?’ you wanted to see me?

He planted a kiss on her forehead just as she turned to face him. She shrugs and pulls back.

‘Yes Victor. How was work today?’

‘Fine fine dear. Same old stress.’

‘I will not waste our time by beating round the bush, so I will go straight to the point. Victor, this, us, can’t work anymore. You don’t love me, neither do I you. We have tried our best to be together that we now almost look stupid from trying too hard. We can’t please each other. We don’t talk. I can’t confide in you, neither do you confide in me. We just strangers walking on a very narrow long small path. All we do is SEX, we don’t make love. And hell yea, the SEX is damn good, too good. But that’s the only activity binding us. That’s the only time I am free to tell you things: touch me here, lick me here…… But SEX? That’s not all I need. I want to love and be loved. Let’s set us free, from this bondage we call relationship. Let’s be free and happy. It’s over.’

She walks away as fast as her legs could carry her. He’s fixed at that same position. His head says, ‘run after her’, but his heart wouldn’t let him.

He walks into his living room, straight to his wine rack. Picks up a bottle of Mac Dowell and drank directly from the bottle. Looks like his next best plan is to get drunk.

But then, he brings out his phone from the pocket. Sends an sms

‘Hey Jane, I need to talk to you. Please.’

Barely twenty minutes after a delivery report, had he heard his door bell ring. “The door is open”, he shouts at the top of his voice.

There was Jane, looking all natural standing right in front of him. She wore a pink with a little touch of purple Caribbean mini skirt, a black flowered tank top and a lovely purple sandal. She has long beautiful straight legs that would throw any man off balance.

‘Jane, I lost her, I lost Bridget. She left me. She said we weren’t good together, that we try too hard, that she doesn’t love me. She also said we are better off separated. Is she right? What do I do? How do I get her back?’

Jane walks straight to victor, held his face in her palms. Kissed him on the forehead, then his lips, he responds back.

He wasn’t sure but he knew this feeling is different. She moves slowly to his neck with her lips, whispers slowly into his ears…. ‘Victor I love you. I have waited forever. Please allow me make you happy.’ While she unbuttons his shirt. She reached down for his belt, while her tongue goes back to his lips.

Victor slowly finds his way under her silk top. Reaches for her breast, held it a little firm and squeezes her nipple as she lets out a little moan pleasure. She goes low and sucked him. They weren’t supposed to make it to the bedroom. No they didn’t. He pulled her up, pull her skirt and panties down. Carried her to one of the cushion, placed her gently and pulls off her top. He sucked her nipple while he let two fingers fuck her clitoris………………

‘Jane, what took you so long? What took us this long?’

‘I was too busy being your best friend’, she replied’

 They both smiled and slept. Wrapping each other up.


‘Sunshine, we have spent the last two Valentine’s day alone in the house. Loving, kissing and doing you know what. I have never complained and I look forward to days like that just like I look forward to everyday with you. Why bring me to his restaurant? You know we could hire a chef for the night like we did last year.’

‘Yes, my love, I know you love being with me, I know you wouldn’t want to share me even with nature when it’s our time to be together’

Her chuckle interrupts him. He smiles and went on

‘I love you, you made me understand what it means to love and be loved. I didn’t need to try hard, you accepted my imperfection and me for me. And now, it’s time for the world to share this love with us. Just a little though.’

He went down on his knee, pulls out the ring and pops the question.

‘Jane Iwajuewalo, will you marry me?’

Jane screams like she was trying to get the attention of every other persons in the restaurant (which she succeeded in doing).

‘YES YES YES YES, I will marry you!’

“All love without a foundation of friendship are like a castle built on sand…Love without friendship is like a kite, aloft only when the winds are favorable. Friendship is what gives love its wings”.                                               ….Chrisking Leonhart

Here are girls as there are stars, But i f0und the moon in you. There is beauty as in nature, but i found perfection in you. Let mountains melt like snow, till valley begget the owls. i swear to my humble soul, i will forever love you so.

……….Prince Xavier


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  1. Lol@shughar…me 2 o. @elsie…ure ryt,u shld be friends first b4 u makes tns a lot easier…speaking 4rm experience 😉

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