Dealing With Rejection

Ever noticed how being turned down can stop you from trying again? While there are people who bounce back from rejection or a case of unrequited love stronger than before, it is a big deal for some. We all do experience the sting of rejection but you have to be mentally strong, in order to move past the feeling, and try again while still seeing the man or woman who rejected your love or attraction as a human being who has rights either to accept your love or reject it. We love to see ourselves as perfect, but you must understand that perfection is relative. That you think you are right for someone does not mean you really are.


Here are ways to dealing with rejection:

  1. Stop the blame game.

You are either blaming your love for him/her on the fact that s/he was too nice and gave you the green light (the light you assumed was green) or throwing the blame at the person or medium through which you met him/her. Some even go as far as unfriending that link or closing down that account they have on the very social networking site where they met.

It’s nobody’s fault that you fell in love with someone who does not feel exactly the same way about you, neither does the fault have to fall on the linking medium. Get over it already. And accept that you are in this mess (in love with him/her) already. Don’t be ashamed of having loved and lost. Its life, you win some, you lose some.

  1. Grieve

Cry all you want. I read an article on a blog on how important it is to cry. It’s normal for you to cry. It doesn’t make you less human or even a man (like some will submit that only ladies cry), neither does it make you a weakling. Express your feeling, pour them out to a friend who is matured enough to understand how you feel and lend you a shoulder to cry it all out on without judging.


  1. Avoid memory triggers.

You know that song that reminds you of the person? That spot that reminds you of him/her? That special kind of food s/he alone likes eating? Just stop! Stop reminding yourself of these things. If possible, change your environment for a bit, visit distant family or friends and keep yourself away from mutual friends you share with this person. S/he is happy, you deserve to be happy too, you owe yourself that much.

  1. Get busy


It’s time to occupy your time and mind with those events that would bring about those goals and ambitions of yours. Study more, get a new degree, register for a new program, invest in yourself, go shopping, be a better person, grow spiritually, get creative, learn a hand work, dare to reach new horizons, have fun (anything crazy you think of will help) and be happy.

  1. Get back in the game.

Yeah, think of everything you have missed while loving this guy or girl. The awesome partners you must have let down in the name of being faithful or hoping your lover will come around to love you back. Remember the heart loves who it loves. Shake it all off and determine to be happy. Only you have the key to remain happy except you have decided to hand it over to other people. Flirt (understand the basic meaning first), have fun, be happy but be wise and never drop your self-respect.

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