Dead Silence

DEAD silence

It’s your girl Nma. I have been gone for a little while and for that,  I am sorry. It was not really due to any fault of mine as the very existence of my computer was questioned when it crashed. I just have this to say “windows 10 is a female dog!” *laughs. Okay it is my fault, as I updated my PC and it crashed. All better now eh…I remember going down to Oluchi’s house. she lived in a small bungalow, one which she managed by herself. it was an inheritance from her father’s death. I knocked on the wooden door and she opened it ever so slightly; there she stood with tears in her eyes. She was my best friend before she lost her dear life to GOD knows what.”He was here, he was here” she said so gently.”Who was?” I asked, wondering what she meant.”We just had sex. He is married. Tell me why I do this to myself Nma?”I looked at her crazy like “Abeg wetin you dey talk?””He was here. Chris was here!”Oh now I remember Chris, I dated Chris before he was married. He was a hunk. A tall drink of water, but very abusive, like phyery abusive, like physically abusive. I wonder who married that kind of a person. Now he has his hands on my friend too?Chris was a charming young man, he was handsome and a beast in bed. But the man was terrible with his temper. Listen, I am the kind that never minds what my ex does, he can sleep with and date who ever he feels like dating or fucking. His body count and that of my friends inclusive never bothered me and I use the term ‘bothered’ because now I feel bothered.Oluchi is not the type to date and hurt. She is too delicate. Christopher is too hot tempered and to crown it all, he is married. Ah, what kind of wahala is this now?”Eh Oluchi, how come you got into this with Chris? Do you know what you are into? with your emotional self!” She looked at me, looking lost for words. I was too tired, too hungry and too confused. I was just going to just leave this alone for now, but this girl called Oluchi won’t stop talking oh.”He came over and when I met him at the door, I thought he was here for you. Immediately I greeted him with a friendly hug, his hand went up my skirt and he planted  his lips on mine. I tried to fight it but I couldn’t. I thought to myself, this is Nma’s ex, but I could not fight it.””Before I could say Jack Robinson, he pulled my right leg up and pulled me closer. I could feel the bulge in his pants and I could not fight it anymore. The front door was opened, but none of us cared. I sank deep into his body and my lips parted and I received his in raw and lustful passion.””Wait wait Oluchi, do you realize you are talking to me, Chris’s ex? You are my friend and all and I thoroughly do not care, but wetin be this na?” I was beginning to feel heat and anger at the same time. This girl is truly unbelievable. I would have loved to walk away, but I wanted to see the end of this yeye story.”Oya continue!””Anyway, I felt his finger dig into my panties as he kissed me and he gave my clitoris one stroke that brought it to life!” I became a slave to that instant passion as he held my head with his free hand and slid his finger into my core. I melted instantly and I thought to myself, he is Nma’s. I could not help myself. I tugged on his shirt with my two hands while I searched for the buttons. I felt useless, as he slowly walked me to the table; guiding me with his big and strong arms as I walked backwards to the table, he lifted me and placed me gently on the table.””Wait make I ask, na this thing this man dey give you? kaii Nma babe!””Come oh Oluchi? na share we dey share the man abi na wetin? abeg talk make I hear word! You get luck say I no even vex sef.”Well she went on “he laid me on the table quite gently and he sank all of him into my core and at that moment, I shot myself back to reality and as I fought to push him off of me, he fought to stay. I begged, but the more I begged, the harder he went.” “I will scream oh Chris, I will scream. I know how this looked, but please I don’t want to do this and with that, he covered my mouth with one free hand and most of it blocked my nostrils. I don’t think he understood that at this time I was struggling to breath. And….”Dead silence….I woke up in cold sweat. It was a dream. “What kind of nonsense dream is this one? Now I must call Oluchi!”Ring, Ring….the phone seemed to have rang for like forever until someone picked up the phone “hello?” It was a familiar voice, “Chris?!” “Where is Oluchi?” and in his baritone he replied softly “she passed away last night”And in a still voice I asked him “and what are you doing there?”Dead silence….I dropped my phone on the bare floor; not caring what would have happened to my poor IPhone. I could hear Chris saying “hello” in the distance, but I was too numbdead silence….

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