A Dangerous Love Affair – 18

A dangerous love affair

Click here for all episodesHow long do you think this will last?” Cassie asked in resignation“Until the old man dies, until I choose a side, or until they decide to love each other as siblings.” Emeka replied without hesitation.He was sick to death of the power struggle that threatened to rip the company apart at its seams.“The children are shameless, they didn’t even wait for a full month before they each tried to claim Mr. Vincent’s property for themselves. The man isn’t even dead for crying out loud.”Emeka sat and watched Cassie for a long time before he replied. He knew why it unfolded like this. Mr. Vincent’s children had no true love for the man because of what he had put them through with their mother. All the cheating and lies had ripped their family apart. The only thing they had uniting them was the company itself.Now that it was up for grabs, each one of them would fight to control it.“Only they know why they are acting in such a manner. I just hope that the old man can make an announcement or something, it has been months and he has remained silent despite knowing what is happening.”Maybe he is heartbroken” Cassie chimed in.“For some reason, I doubt that is the….”Emeka, my water just broke.” Cassie whispered.“Eh?”I said my water just broke.”Oh, shit.”What do you mean “oh shit,” don’t you have children? Please tell me you are not going to get hysterical Emeka.” Cassie Growled.“Yes, I have children, that is exactly why I said that I know exactly what comes next.”“And what is that?”“You go through eighteen hours of the most excruciating pain you have ever experienced or will ever experience to bring forth another human being that will change your life forever.” The man replied soberly.“You are something else.” Cassie panted“Did you figure that out today? Let’s get you to the hospital.” Emeka continues calmly.Emeka ushers his former lover out of the Constellation Stronghold and into his car. As he drives her to the hospital, he thinks about  how ironic this entire situation is. Who would have ever thought that he would be the one taking his friends wife and former lover to the hospital to deliver her first child?After they arrive at the hospital, Emeka checks Cassie in and calls Jonathan to tell him the news. Jonathan arrives faster than Emeka would have thought possible with the rush hour traffic blocking all of the roads.“Emeka, Thank you, how is she?”She is in labor so all things being equal I think she is fine.”So the day has come, I am finally going to be a father.”I am happy for you man, you deserve it.”I’m afraid Emeka. What if the baby isn’t healthy, what if the baby is missing a hand, what if I make a poor father, what if….”John John, one thing at a time. Let the child come into the world first. We will cross any bridge once we get there hmm?”Yea, you’re right. I am just so nervous right now. I don’t know if I can do this more than once.”Haha, that is the same thing I thought, now I have three little monsters running around the house.”Your right Emeka, your right.”Speaking of my little monsters, it is about time I go home and see them.”Of course Emeka, I’ll call you when my own comes into the world.”John, take it easy man, nothing is going to happen to your child. You should be happy instead of worried.”Jonathan only nodded in reply as Emeka walked out of the hospital and got into his car. As he drove home, he thought about all of the memories that he shared with Jonathan and was truly happy that he had found someone he could love.He also thought about the time steeped in wanton lust that he shared with Cassie. Either way, he was happy that the joy of a child would solidify their marriage.When he got home, his wife was just putting the finishing touches on their evening meal. His sons sat in the parlour with their sister, teaching her some odd game that he had never seen before. He stopped at the edge of the scene and thanked GOD one more time for what he had given him.“Baby, is that you?” Hadija called from the kitchen.“Yes dear, I was able to come home early today.”Is everything alright?” she asked as she strolled out of the kitchen to greet him.“Everything is good. Cassie is in the hospital now, she is finally ready to deliver their first child.”That’s great!” Hadija shouted. “I know John will be shaking like a leaf right now.”Haha, how did you know? He is worried about everything just like I was when you were stretched out on the hospital bed trying to give birth to Michael.”Aww, so you were worried about me huh?” Hadija teased.“Of course I was, I didn’t want Michael’s big head to tear your goodies too much.” He replied as he swatted her ass.“Mr. Man, you better stop before we make another baby,” She said as she fled from his reach.“I don’t see why not, I am can make ten more babies that look just like you and not be tired.”Eh, but I will be tired, don’t you want your wife to have a sexy shape when she is old?”That is irrelevant, I did not marry you for your body. OK, I lied, but not for your body alone.” he said with a smirk.“Emeka.” Hadija gasped. “You married me for my body? So the truth finally comes out after over a decade.” she said with fake indignation.“You know what they say, ALL things must come to the light. Michael and James, Bring your sister so we can eat.” Emeka called.They continued their light-heated banter for the rest of the night. Emeka was enjoying one of his rare days of perfect contentment.His children were around him and his lithe woman was curled up in his lap, what more could a man ask for?Emeka cuddles his wife, priming her for a night of adventure while James entertains everyone with his normal antics.Emeka’s phone rings and temporarily breaks the spell that everyone is under.“Why didn’t you turn your phone off when you got home?” His wife asks, barely able to hide her annoyance.“I am waiting for Jonathan to call or have you forgotten that his wife is in labor?”Oh, that’s right, sorry.”Apology not accepted, you will have to work extra hard tonight.” he replied as he stood to pick up his phone.“I can’t wait.” Hadija replied with a Mischievous grin.“Hello?” Emeka Barked into the phone when he realized the call wasn’t from John or Cassie.“Hello, is this Emeka?” a clear voice rang out.“You are calling me and still asking who this is.” he replied, his annoyance mounting.“Sorry, this is Chris, Cassie’s younger brother, she asked me to call you.”Oh, ok, yes, this is Emeka. Is there a problem? Why didn’t John call me?”I think you should sit down before I break this news to you.”My friend, will you talk?” Emeka Growled into the phone as a million worst case scenarios sprang into his mind. He took the advice of Chris and pulled up a chair and gripped the edges until blood flow to his fingers stopped.As he continued to think about the evil that may have occurred, the clear voice rang out again. “Emeka, Cassie successfully delivered the child. It is a healthy handsome baby boy.”Eheh, so what is the problem.” Emeka whispered into the phone.“They say the boy looks exactly like you. Same face, same nose, same jaw, hell, they even say he has the same color eyes as you. Johnathan took one look at the child and stormed out of the hospital. I think he is coming to your place. He left about twenty minutes ago so you had better prepare for the worst.”

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  1. Oohhhhh! Did I? Oh we;;, I suppose it is to be expected after all, the guy was busy chopping his friend’s babe. He should have let go the minute his friend started dating her…. Cant wait to read all about the impending drama…..

  2. We are all waiting for the continuation of this story 4 d past 2 weeks it has not been updated,i hope All is well sha.

    1. Sorry about that, I’ve been a little out of sorts, but, we’re back on track and you’ll get the rest of the story soon

  3. Nice write up Mr Daniel. Love d suspense and flow of d story. I have not regretted reading ur story.

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