Dancing In The Hurricane

Dancing In The Hurricane

By Adeyinka Joseph Alonge

Toggled by the winds of fearIn a lost zoneLooming dangersA mind loosing trackThings falling apartStucked in the middle of nowhereIn array of fearsRising tempestStrength goes waneHe who is hit knows the painPlace of solidarity turns solitudeRunning in circlesCrying in a crowd of laughersNo one to curb my tearsLost rhythmsLingering fearsFading hopeAlone in my worldI looked into the skyIt shined no lightI looked into my mindIt bred no joyStucked in thoughtsI gave room to the devilHe took my mansionGrowing wings in a flightless arrayToo comfortable in the wrong placeWhere blueprint lies I wonderDancing in joy when within I burn with agony of un-fulfillmentDeveloping itching ears to match my profound feelingCrafting smile from tearsLaughter from fearsRomance with ignorance only brings miseryWaiting is a life saverYet waiting in the wrong place is a life takerYou can’t put your hopes in what someone owns,Your own life you need to buildWhen strength stalls at the edge of victory andWeakness seems to have prevailedStay strongHold your peaceStand your ground’Cause when it seems we’ve hit the lowest-low in our livesWe breed new strengthThat takes us through hard timesLife is a choiceYou get what you chooseKeep your faith strongBecause this moment will passFill yourself with hopeKeep your zeal aliveStand your feet in one placeAnd take charge of your lifeAttack your fear with courageWhy wait for a ship when you can walk on watersWhy fear the windWhen you can dance in the hurricaneDancing in the hurricane

Dedicated to those who need to get up from their turbulent situations and take charge

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