Cinema Review: Six Lessons from Kevin Hart’s Night School

Kevin Hart - Night School - Elsieisy blog

So I went to see “Night school” yesterday because Kevin Hart and I wanted to laugh. However, I got way more than just laughing and Kevin Hart. My throat hurt from midway till the end of the movie, because I was holding back tears and laughing at the same time.

Night school is the story of Teddy Walker – is a high school dropout turn successful salesman whose life takes an unexpected turn when he accidentally blows up his place of employment. He needed to go back to (Night) school to pass his GED exams in order to have a shot at getting the kind of job he desired or at least fit into the lie he already created for himself. So he meets his high school mate who is now the principal of the school.

His high school mate had his own personal issues which unfolded at some point in the movie when it felt like he finally got his revenge on Kevin. There are so many lessons to pick from this movie and I will try to list them as I remember:

  1. Sometimes, people treat you badly, not because they are bad but because they feel threatened by you and jealous of your life. A life they do not fully understand the struggles you have to go through to keep together. They think it’s all perfect, so they want it badly. The sad part is, they may not get to know your true story cos life is not a movie.
  1. Everyone needs our support. That unyielding student, aggressive boss, mean lecturer, angry staff, weird colleague, isolated pretty girl, etc. We have all gone through a life that has shaped our thought process and the way we react to life. A little bit of love will make the difference.
  1. We inspire each other. No matter how basic you think your life is, no matter how regular you think you are, no matter how below the chain it seems your line of work is, you are as important as the guy calling the shot. Your lifestyle can inspire and change someone for good. You are planted where you are for a purpose. It is now very important for you to find this purpose and live life to the fullest until you transition to the next phase.
  1. When an incident has happened, don’t dwell on it, don’t blame anybody. Find the purpose and lessons in it and move on. Life pushes us around when necessary for good.
  1. And finally, don’t be afraid to fail. I must say the point where Teddy Walker failed his test was way deep for me. How he was able to keep taking the test over and over again, announcing his failure until he was able to rise above that stage in his life was the height of inspiration for me. I wanted to cry but Kevin Hart wouldn’t let me. If you know what I mean. LOL

Never be afraid to fail. You should try to be better than the person you are yesterday. If they think you are a misfit, it doesn’t matter as long as you do not think same of yourself. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail at doing something, what matters is that you win at the end. The fear of failure is the beginning of failure. Be ready to fail and you will surely find success.

Night School is the type of movie you take a friend to go see in order to help him or her find purpose and hope. You’d have much more than laughter. It is beautiful. It is deep. It is needed.

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