The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine - Elsieisy blog

By Vick Von

I’m drifting far away from humanity

I seem to be losing everything that seems sane to me

The only thing that connects me to this world is poetry

I try to create my own space without all this pain

The world is dynamic in nature but to me everything seems the same

Money, Power and fame

A world so vain

I try to find meaning in it all

I’m holding on to my sanity just hoping it won’t fall

Knowledge; the reason why I’m termed crazy

They don’t understand the thirst in me

They only see their fears and pour their scorn on me

Life has fed me the hard juice from her sturdy breasts

If life was an exam we would all fail the test

They try to put a blindfold across my third eye

But I see through the holes of the textile line

I live in an era where the free are in bondage

Controlled by the forces of this new age

A place where souls like mine are cast into a dark cage

But in my grief I found her light

She came to save me from the claws of the dark knight

The demon that hunts the very essence of my mind

She was the only thing that made sense in this stupid world

The one reason why I pen my words

The one reason why I try to fix my flaws

Holding me close to her embrace

She took me to a higher place

The one true thing in a society full of lies

The only thing I see when I close my eyes

The sacred feminine

The closest thing to perfect in this world of mine

Society tries to turn her black, bleak the lines

But I see the truth in every single corner

Only if you could see her like I’ve seen her

Oh we’ve all met her

She’s a WOMAN

The reason why you’re human

Only if you can

Then you will understand

The power she holds


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  1. This was deep, very poweful message. Without feminini we will get caught up in that materialistic image of life.

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