Elsie Godwin

Hey!I am doing well and sure you are awesome today. Been a while I shared my opinion via this medium and I think I missed doing this. I am back and better too I suppose.Today I talk on abortion. Do listen and please share your unbiased opinion in the... Read More

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A Day At The Pool

This was supposed to be up yesterday, i am so so sorry. I think i will be needing a PA soon. whew* Accept my apology biko.Fay talks about how you cope in that public swimming pool on #5MOYT*yuck! Now i remember why i don’t know how to swim, very... Read More

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It’s #5MOYT again. Fay fay goes mushy lovey dovey this week talking on R-rated. In other words na PDA sha. She shares some past mushy experience and went on and on about PDA – public display of affection. You ever engaged in this PDA thing... Read More

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Love Songs

love songs

Fay talks on ‘Love songs’. After listening to this podcast, I am wordless. LOL Who wouldn’t be after hearing “Limpopo’ by KCEE was categorized as a love song by some list online. Just listen below o jare ... Read More

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