Blog Festival | Rain in the Desert | by Jagunmade Rilycks Damilare

As I trudged on wearilyOver waves after waves of fine sandsHeading to a destination unknown,Through a path hitherto unpassedThe occasional violent wind of sanddaring to cross my path,Is nothing compared to the scorching body of heat raging down on me. This is a journey I had to embark on,A mission in search of an utopian dream,I stumbled upon hills and steeps,Grapping at the vain air to keep my balanceThe hot bead of sweats tricking down my faceServing to remind me of my dehydration.  Such a herculean mission in search of futilitySearching for rain in the desertThe rain of freedom long awaitedBut the August visitor isn’t generous enough to release a drop,Instead I got a fierce sting of scorching sun burning down.  Now at a point of near exhaustion,My legs burning upon a furnace of sandThis is a point of no return,My heart thumping against my chestAs if to send me back from my futile sojournMy eyelids flapping wearily against my bloodshot eyes.  My legs sank as they gave way to my bodyAt last I fell, I couldn’t go on any moreIt was all a Mirage,A mission in pursuit of nothingnessI sank helplessly down the hill of sandsI came, I saw, but I was conquered!

Jagunmade Rilycks Damilare is a political and human behavioural scientist that has adapted himself to the dynamics and complexities obtainable in human relationships present in our society, in a bid to lead a positively productive environment that fosters personal and organizational growth and development. I’m a socio-political analyst who has vast interests in issues ranging from politics, sports, human relations, religion, literature, communal co-existence, etc. I’m a versatile, dedicated and intuitive young man who is self motivated and determined to be successful.

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