Before You Start Blogging

Before You Start Blogging

I really hope for this post to be very short and precise, so forgive my manners if I don’t ask how you are doing. You know I care, right? LOL

I get people asking me one or two questions about blogging daily and the truth is, I get exhausted. Sometimes, one could see from the type of questions they bring forth that they are simply going to be one dead blog occupying the internet sphere in 3months and to tell you the truth, we don’t like people like that.

A blog can be different things to different people. It can be a diary, it can be a notepad, it can be where you decide to showcase the craziness people around you will never know you possess, it can be a place where you store your research, etc….

However, for so many people and myself, it’s a BUSINESS.

I will like to state for a fact that I did not start blogging as a business. My first post was me being real and playing around. I didn’t know blogging will get me where I am today, it was just me saying things other people will never want to say or write about. Click here to read my first ever blog post.

As time went on, Elsieisy blog has evolved and it keeps evolving with my personality and as my dreams get bigger and clearer. I am simply walking a path, a path I am very comfortable walking. You can never catch me following the crowd.

I know looking up to somebody like Linda Ikeji should be enough reason to open a blog and hope to start making your own millions in a couple of years, but ask yourself this, do I have what it takes?

Blogging has its ups and downs. It’s lucrative, especially when you have the staying power and can create original content for your platform most of the time, but do you have the time, the resources, the patients, and so much more you need? Do you even have the thick skin?

Well, before you start blogging, I employ you to read the above again and ask yourself the following questions:

Why do I want to start a blog?What do I want to blog about?Is my blog going to be just another blog?Do I want to be a voice?Do I want to be another Linda Ikeji, another Bella Naija or another Elsie Godwin?What will I be doing differently that is not being done or not done well at the moment?How soon am I expecting to make an income from blogging?Do I have the finance and/or the zeal to push?Am I a content person or will my content be more of curation?Do I want you grow on a network?

Like I said, blogging is good business but you have to be serious and determined. It doesn’t come easy.

Next week, I will share with you the simple ways to start your own blog. Anybody can own one.

If you have questions about blogging and need urgent answers to make a decision the click HERE.

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