“Social media popularity is not the same as influence” – Olumide Lawrence declares as he launches his book

How to Build And Sustain Influence on Social Media - Elsieisy blog 2

PR Executive and Social Media Strategist, Olumide Lawrence declares that there is a clear difference popularity and having influence on social media as he releases his first book titled – How to Build And Sustain Influence on Social Media, in Lagos, Nigeria.How to Build And Sustain Influence on Social Media - Elsieisy blog

In his speech, he said: “Some people have popularity but have no influence. When you build influence, you will naturally become popular. It does not take so much to get popular on social media. Moreover, when you build influence, it lasts longer than popularity. With influence, popularity is a bonus”.

The book is targeted at helping intending social media influencers understand the process of using their social platform to build influence,  and harness influence into valuable networks that bring profit.

“Existing influencers are also going to learn how to go beyond the engagement on social media, and build lasting personal brands that will attract good business and expose them to bigger networks” Olumide added.

‘How to Build and Sustain Influence’ is a carefully crafted body of work which offers pragmatic steps of making the most of social media, ranging from insights into whom to follow on social media, how to interact, craft content and manage people online. Individuals and businesses will learn a great deal from it.

The ten-chapter book is already in high demand and will finally be released on Monday, May 14, 2018 which is also the author – Olumide Lawrence’s birthday. The book will be available HERE for N2000 for seven days between May 14 and May 20, after which it becomes N3000.

Interested buyers are enjoined to take early action to get the book at the early discounted price.

Odeyemi Olumide Lawrence is a PR Executive, Social Media Expert, Influencer, Digital Marketing Professional and Content Developer. He is the convener of Lagos Facebook Hangout, and runs a quarterly Social Media Masterclass where he teaches about Social Media Marketing and Management.

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