#AskElsie: How Do I Overcome Shyness & Talk To The Opposite Sex?

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Sometimes this online tools can fall hand o. Usually, I do my recordings with my phone on an application called ‘smart recorder’, I don’t edit my podcasts. So its just me recording, converting and uploading. Then suddenly this morning the platform I use when converting from WAV to MP3 refused to respond. See small panic attack na.

I called up my go to friend and he asked me to search ‘WAV to MP3 converter online’ on google and then choose anyone to work with. I did o, and the first result i saw was the same one falling my hand, then second came online-convert.com . I simply uploaded, clicked on convert and in a matter of seconds, i got a download pop up. whew* the stress though.

At last we have a podcast…..

Today on #AskElsie, is me responding to a mail sent in by a guy.

So i shared how to overcome his type of shyness, talking to the opposite sex and easiest way to keep conversations going.

#AskElsie: How Do I Overcome Shyness & Talk To The Opposite Sex?

My email remains email@elsieisy.com and elsieisy@gmail.com

Listen below:

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