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By Elizabeth Joshua.

Professor Woke Soyinka is a man I respect a lot. I mean, it’s not every day one gets to bag a Nobel Laureate award and if you don’t see that as an achievement, you definitely do not recognize success or you’re simply envious.

The America election process was one I followed aptly, from watching campaigns and debates, to social media and propaganda. It was quite interesting and seriously, their electoral process is quite different from my Country’s, Nigeria. But then, who compares America to Nigeria? The election evolved round the world because America is one of the World powers and everyone was anxiously waiting to see who would be the next person to rule the United States.

Anyway, that was a deviation. Back to Prof. Soyinka, I was scrolling through my Facebook page in my restless search for updates on happenings around the world, when I stumbled upon a statement made by the Prof. I read it and shook my head repeatedly. He said – “I will destroy my green card if Trump’s Victory is declared.” and added that he would also leave the United States. I was like, ‘is this even needed?’ I understand that he’s rooting for Hilary Clinton but can’t Prof. oppose without being so bitter? Must ‘hatred’ be shown while ‘disagreeing’? Must you be ‘sentimental’ in expressing your ‘beliefs’? That is one of the critical problems Nigeria has; Two parties are contesting for ‘government’ and during campaigns, they insult one another beyond measures, there are cases of assassinations and kidnap, too much wrath and contempt is expressed.

That is it, there is no healthy competition in Nigeria. Then, one party is sworn in and the other  party cannot and will not co-operate with the ruling government because too much love has been lost during campaigns. It’s sad. Really sad. The government do not know their duties anymore, they do not represent our interests anymore because ‘government’ is a do or die affair. Politics is a dirty game ,they say. That is why the Peace and unity we so urge for is difficult – unhealthy competitions. Okay, that was another deviation. Back to the subject matter.

So, Professor Woke Soyinka made that comment and it was disheartening that such a declaration would come from a man of his repute. So America election day came. I tuned in to CNN (which had become my best station for months now, aside SpiceTV of course) with daddy, and watched as first poll results was shown and I couldn’t help being in awe as how advanced the American system was. Dad and I discussed about how transparent it was, everything was in 3D. That was the definition of a true free and fair election. (If you are there saying the election was rigged, I have no words for you.) So this went on until 2am when fuel finished. As at then, Hilary was leading with 68 votes.

 Morning came and as I was hurriedly preparing for school, my sister said Trump was leading. Off I ran to the living room, where Daddy was already tuned in to CNN. Indeed, Trump was winning and it wasn’t long till he reached the needed 270 and even went above the required. What a shock! The world shifted that very moment. At that moment, I wondered what Soyinka would do about his earlier comments and I just said well, he owes nobody an apology. He would probably do the noble thing by keeping quiet or joke about it, or anything noble people do sha. I logged in Social media and seriously, Nigerians has no chill. The memes were crazy and I laughed till I snorted and even farted. I was even late for class (My lateness to class is getting frequent by the way, HELP!) Anyways, let me go back to the topic.

On Saturday, after lot of critics and humorist comments, Prof. Woke Soyinka replied and as I read the reply, I kept shaking my head in disappointment. He actually called Critics ‘Nattering nitwits’ and ‘noisome creatures’. What was Prof. expecting? He brought the disrespect and humiliation on himself. Nigerians always find the humour in everything, it’s part of what makes us. So, deal with it. It was an unnecessary comment, and even though he said it in a seminar and he didn’t indeed call the Press conference to make such declaration, it was an unnecessary comment.

World leaders congratulated Donald Trump, even Hilary did. Obama said he was ready to work with him, what was Soyinka’s ‘unique’ reason for WOLEXIT? Dear Professor, your exit doesn’t change anything in America. I repeat, it change nothing! I beg to deviate again, even if Hilary Clinton didn’t win, it was a good fight. It actually empowered the ‘girl child’ to take up opportunities to be great. Greatness is not gender based. It also shows that the ‘girl child’ no longer belong to the kitchen alone but is entitled to limitless chances, and finally, it gave the ‘girl child’ a voice. Of course, there are lessons to learn from Donald Trump also but enough deviations already.

In reading the Professor Soyinka response, he mentioned countries he had deserted for decades due to various transgressions. China is with the largest economy in the world and even if Soyinka hadn’t been there in years, it change nothing. Australia, Cuba and South Africa were also mentioned by Prof as Countries he had exited long ago and I was like – ‘It’s not like you’re an important personnel in these countries, why taking so much pride declaring your exit?’ It’s affecting nobody but him.

I was humbly embarrassed on behalf of Nobel Laureate award. And Prof. insisted he was going to exit when Donald is declared President. I tell you, Trump will be sworn in and Nigerians are patiently waiting for the exit. It is nobody’s business right? Well, in our country we are not selfish to mind our business alone. We will help you mind your business too. On a more serious note, I am pained by this amount of shallowness and yes, I will be among the people waiting for Soyinka to destroy his green card and come back to Nigeria, since he insists he is a man of his words. To America, I can’t wait for Trump’s governance to begin. It will be filled with numerous surprises and honestly, it feels like it’s going to be a governance that America will never forget.

Good or bad surprises you ask? Well, that’s for ‘me’ to know and ‘you’ to find out. All ‘we’ have to do is Wait. 😀

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  1. Prof is just being the African he is. Or should I just say the black Nigerian? Getting bitter, getting sentimental. They are apt descriptions of why we will never grow and will never have a National and Popular Manifesto since my enemy’s enemy is my friend and it is my party and not my country that shapes our political culture.
    Babajide Michael Olusegun recently posted…Inside the Cassava Plot | a poem by Oluwafemi BabasolaMy Profile

    1. Very apt@ your enemy’s enemy is my friend and it is my party and not my country that shapes our political culture.

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