Alcohol Drinkers In Akwa Ibom To Pay Alcohol Tax

Alcohol Drinkers In Akwa Ibom To Pay Alcohol Tax

The Akwa Ibom Commissioner for Finance, Akan Okon, said consumption of alcohol in hotels and beer parlours in the state would now attract tax.NAN reports that Mr. Okon told journalists in Uyo on Saturday that people who consumed alcoholic drinks would begin to pay a token as tax.“Some people who lodge in hotels and consume alcohol will henceforth pay taxes to the state government.“The focus is to look inward to see how the various opportunities that are available in the state can be harnessed to raise the Internally Generated Revenue(IGR),’’ he said.He explained that the state government had put measures in place to ensure that revenue opportunities were tapped to raise its IGR.The commissioner said that a new tax consultant had been appointed to block leakages associated with revenue collection. 

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